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[Siem Reap] Preah Khan and Banteay kdei


The last day of my trip in Siem reap was so busy. We got out of our hotel by bus just after we had breakfast. We went to Preah Khan at first.

I got to love this remain and I was very glad that I could be there 🙂

I stayed in Cambodia for 4 days and I thought Siem Reap is not good for short and group tour. I want to go there on a personal trip again. I want to spend whole daytime at such a remain. I would probably want this remain be my playground if I were child now. Umm. No. Now I want do that 😛

Its columns look like Parthenon !

The roof is ready to collapse…

Red, green, gray,,, mysterious !

Wow. Roots cling to the architecture !

Lots of stones there. Everything was materials of architectures….

And then, we went to Banteay Kdei. Tree stick into the architecture !

Some architectures were under repair.


  1. Mitzie Mee says:

    It must have been so beautiful once:)

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