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[Siem Reap] Prasat Kravan, East mebon and Pre rup


We went to see remains again after taking a break for a while in our hotel. At first we went to Prasat Kravan.

East Mebon. Somehow I didn’t take the picture of East Mebon much… I got exhausted ?

And then, we got to Banteay Srei.

Brown and green colors looked so mysterious  in the sun.

Nice relief 😀

And, the last sightseeing of that day was Pre Rup ! Lots of people gathering to Pre Rup for seeing sunset !

This stair… I had to go upstairs to see sunset … I tried to go up. But I got heavy knee pain while I was in a plane for Siem Reap. It seemed very hard for my knee when I go downstairs… It was still second day of the trip. First day of my sightseeing. I gave up to go upstairs.

I saw sunset from here 🙂

Our dinner was Chinese dishes. Ummm….. Though it was good, we wanted to eat Khmer dishes.

Fruits…. I didn’t like it. It was not sweet at all.

At night, we went to massage shop to get a foot massage. That massage felt very good. It removed heavy pain from my knee completely. I was very happy and went back to my hotel and slept with pleasant. But… I was a little irritated…Because some middle aged Japanese men next to us said much ridiculous things to young female massager 🙁


  1. swoon! I love your blog!


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