[Tokyo] Panini at Bread, Espresso & (パンとエスプレッソと) in Omotesando

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I don’t know how many years had it been since the last time I spent my time in cafe at Omotesando. Sometimes I have something to do at Omotesando and go there. But mostly I’m very busy and I don’t have time to have tea at cafe. Much less lunch….

Bread, Espresso & (パンとエスプレッソと) is my longing cafe and finally I visited there. They are bakery. And they have a cafe next to the bakery. Their panini is so popular.

We can select one from 9 panini. And the panini with one drink cost us 750 yen at lunchtime. Their lunchtime is from 8 a.m., so you can have breakfast at there.

I took much time to choice my panini, and I choiced a Mirano salami that have four kinds of ingredients. And my drink was iced tea because I felt very warm in the cafe. The set also had carrots salads.

Mirano salami

I couldn’t take the picture well, but it had mirano salami, Parmigiano Reggiano, dried tomato and basil sauce was sandwiched.

It was very hard bread, so at first, I felt it is very difficult to eat, but after a while, it got softer because of water of ingredients.

I visited Omotesando after a long absence and I thought Aoyama is very cool town all the same.


Name Bread, Espresso & (パンとエスプレッソと)
Open Morning through night
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