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[Siem Reap] Lunch at Angkor Miracle Resort & Spa and Angkor Wat


We had lunch at Angkor Miracle Resort & Spa before goint to Angkor Wat on the second day of our trip in Siem Reap. They are five-star hotel in Cambodia. The restaurant served French foods. At first, appetizer was served.

Pumpkin soup. It didn’t have sweetness. I needed sugar… Cambodian pumpkin don’t have sweetness ?

Beef steak. I loved it. Though it was a little bit salty, the beef was chewy but tasty. This beef was from Australia. Still, why did we have to eat Australian beef at French restaurant in Cambodia …..: :p

After that we went to Angkor Wat. Though we visited there previous morning, and it’s unforgettable view !!!

I want to stay there the whole day next time.

Angkor Wat is so large, so we need guide’s help.

Sexy apsara. They wear nothing for her upper body.

Is that third level ????? It was closed in front of the stairs. I sometimes see pictures of some people trying to go downstairs backwards. I tried it at Pre RupI, I felt more terrible. But now this stairs can’t be used because it’s too old.

The relief was beautiful.

Our second day’s dinner was Chinese foods. I don’t like beer, but when I see local beer, I can’t help drinking it. Wine, too. This is Tiger Beer.

I dished up some foods.

It was tasty Chinese foods. This restaurant was better than last day’s Chinese foods. Sweet sour pork. It was not too sour, so I could eat it with pleasure.

Rice noodles

Pumpkin pudding. Every pumpkins that I ate at cambodia were not tasty because those were not sweet. peaking of pumpkins, I think those should be sweet like fruits …. not ? But this pumpkin puddding had sugar, so it was sweet and tasty. I ate the part of pudding and the pumpkin together.


  1. Incredible article for an incredible place. I never got round to visiting for sunrise or sunset, but I hope my video experience makes up for it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqmNEL0RRpM

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