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[Tokyo] Kanemasu (かねます) in Kachidoki


I knew Kanemasu (かねます) is so popular stand-up-eating izakaya in front of Kachidoki station near my office. I had wanted to visited there and finally, I had dinner at there ! Their appearance is very simple.

Speaking of stand-up-eating, many people think that is inexpensive and creaky izakaya. But they aren’t. There’s no menus. No descriptions. We can’t see inside of the house from outside. We can’t know the menus of the day until we go into the house and see menus hanging on the wall.

But once you go into the house, delicious dishes welcom you ! Kanemasu is high quality stand-up-eating izakaya. They get fresh ingredients at Tsukiji and cook keeping those natural flavors.

So every dishes are expensive compared with another stand-up-eating izakaya. In addition, they don’t prepare a variety of dishes. This is the menu. That’s all. Umm. It is hard to understand. It is almost illegible !

Menu. Written vertically.

My friend looked into it in advance, so I left everything about order to him.

There are no drink menus. But I knew they serve beer, staut, Japanese sake and highball on the internet in advance. And I heard we must order something alchoholic drinks without fail, so I ordered highball. It was strong as its reputation:)


Vinegared sea eel and cucumber. Umm. It’s not good. I think sea eel that day wasn’t good as a while.

Sea eel with cucumber (はもきゅう) 800 yen

Raw yuba. This name is “Raw yuba”, but it have bigger slices of abalone and kuruma prawn! Gorgeous.

Raw yuba (生ゆば) 1200 yen

Of course, yuba itself was good. The texture was smooth like silk.

Raw sea urchin rolled by half-roasted beefmeats. Unbelievable such a gorgeous food in the world ! If you go there and find this food on the menu, you should order it without fail ! Absolutely ! They usually prepare it except days they can’t get good sea urchin and beef meats. But it is far and away the best popular food of Kanemasu, so it is always sold out soon.

Raw sea urchin rolled by half-roasted beef meats (生うに牛肉巻き) 2000 yen

Those sea urchin was sweet and flavory ! My mouth was completely full with sea urchin.

Sea eels sashimi. Sea eel is said “Hamo” in Japanese. It was boiled. And red thing is plum sauce. Umm. I think it’s over-cooked.

Sea eels sashimi (はもさしみ) 1800 yen

Sushi box. Yes plenty of seafood in a box. Vinegared rice is at the bottom. But you can’t see from the photo.

Sushi box (箱すし) 1200 yen

Shima-ebi prawn. It had much eggs.

This prawn had much eggs !

Grilled sea eel. The header part of it was soft and the tail part was crisp.I think it go with rice well 🙂

Grilled conger eel (煮穴子) 1500 yen

I heard much people wait in front of the shop about one hour before the opening time on Saturdays. And if you go there later time, some of the foods might be out of the menus.
So I reccomend you go to there in earlier time on weekdays. When we went to there twenty minutes before the opening time on the other Tuesday, there’s no line.


Name Kanemasu (かねます)
Open Dinner
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable

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