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[Tokyo] Tonkatsu AOKI Daimon (とんかつ檍 大門店)


I felt like going to Tonkatsu AOKI in Kamata, but Kamata is too far for me. But I know. There’re some branches of AOKI in Tokyo. I visited one of the branch. Tonkatsu AOKI Daimon(とんかつ檍 大門店) close to Daimon station and Hamamatsucho station.

Menu. They serve inexpensive lunch on weekdays only, but it was weekend. They use Hayashi SPF Pork grown in Chiba prefecture. SPF stands for Specific Pathogen Free. SPF pork meat is said to be safe and healthy.


I chose pork shoulder loin cutlet set. Tonkatsu, pork soup, pickled vegetables and rice.

Pork shoulder loin cutlet set (カタロースかつ定食) 2000 yen

You might not understand from this photo, but it was very large and thick. Its coating was crisp.

Medium-rare. I hadn’t eaten such a juicy tonkatsu ! Worcester sauce and mustard is good ! And they prepare seven species of salts. So, we can enjoy a variety of tastes ! If you don’t like your tonkatsu with medium-rare, they well-cook !

Section of the meat


Name Tonkatsu AOKI Daimon (とんかつ檍 大門店)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable

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