Moved – [Akihabara] Lamb soup curry at Soup Curry Kamui (スープカレーカムイ)

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There is a soup curry shop that is named Soup Curry Kamui (スープカレーカムイ) near Iwamotocho subway station not so far from Akihabara. They are so popular curry shop. Kamui serve limited soup curry. Kamui shows us such a information on Instagram.

I knew the weekday’s special curry was lamb meat curry and I wanted to eat it so much 🙂 So, I went to there with my friend.

We ordered and paid on the ground floor and went upstairs and waited our curries coming. There are so much manga pictures on the every walls in the shop. It’s worth to visit just it.

And, we can order our curries with some toppings on it (Extra charge). Okra, Hamburger steak, cheese and so on. I ordered my curry with cheese. Large pieces of bell pepper, carrot and pumpkin on it. We can select the degrees of spiciness, from one until ten. Ten is the spiciest. And from four to ten need extra 100 yen. I ordered “three”, but it was very spicy. I want my curry “two” next time.

Lamb curry (ラムカレー) 980 yen plus cheese (100 yen)

Of course, lots of lamb meat were in it 😀 It was so juicy and tasty.

Waitresses dressed in maid costumes serves at Kamui on weekends 🙂


Name Soup Curry Kamui (スープカレー カムイ)
Open Lunch, Dinner
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