[Tokyo] Butagoya (豚小家) in Koiwa

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I had dinner with my friends at Butagoya (豚小家) near Koiwa station. They serve charcoal-grilled foods at lower price. They are small izakaya, so we reserved in advance.

My drink was green tea sour. I had refreshing one because we were going to eat fatty pork after that 🙂

Green tea sour (緑茶ハイ)

Potato salads was served as otoshi. It had smooth texture and good.

Potato salads

Onion salads and spicy cucumber.

Onion salads(玉ねぎぽん酢, 380 yen) and spicy cucumber (ピリ辛きゅうり, 280 yen)

Assorted sashimi. Raw liver, heart, tongue, stomach and birth canal. Everything was fresh !

Assorted sashimi (もつ刺し5点盛り) 1200 yen

Boiled pork.

Boiled pork (ゆで豚) 680 yen

Pork liver.

Pork liver (レバー) 80 yen

Its inside was rare !

Pork tongue. Delicious.

Pig’s tongue (たん) 150 yen per 1pcs

Pork heart.

Pig’s heart (ハツ) 80 yen

Pig’s skirt. This was the first time to eat pork skirt. It’s springy texture.

Pig’s diaphragm (ハラミ) 120 yen


Rectum (テッポウ) 150 yen

Tomato rolled with pork. The tomato was extremely hot. I brought down the feverbut , still it was very hot. But tomato’s juice go with fatty pork well.

Tomato rolled with pork (トマト巻き) 200 yen per 1 pcs

Agu pork and Iberico pork. Agu was fatty, so we’d better eat it at the beginning of the dinner time.

Agu pork and Iberico pork (あぐー と イベリコ豚) 880 yen each


Name Butagoya (豚小家)
Open Dinner
Reservation Available
Credit card Unavailable

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