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[Tokyo] Inaniwa-udon Nanakura (稲庭うどん 天茶屋 七蔵)


Recently I love Inaniwa-style udon. I love the texture and searched for some shops that serve Inaniwa-style udon mainly in Tokyo. Unexpectedly there’s a Inaniwa-style udon shop in this building. Shimbashi Ekimae building 1 in front of Shimbashi station. The location is really convenient for me.

This is the shop. Inaniwa-udon Nanakura (稲庭うどん 七蔵). They are on the 2nd floor of the building connected with Shimbashi subway station. They are open from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. on weekdays only. So, it’s hard to visit for me. But they have really delicious udon !

There’s a order counter as soon as I entered the shop. So, I ordered and paid at there then the staff led me to the seat. My udon was served in a few minutes. People eat quickly and go out soon. So, even if there are so many people waiting, we don’t have to wait such a long time.

Menus. Left is udon only. Small, medium and large. Right is udon set. Udon set have udon and small sashimi bowl.

The soup have seasonal vegetables.

Sashimi bowl can be chosen from those 8. Tuna bowl (まぐろ丼) ,barachirashi (ばらちらし丼), marinated tuna bowl (まぐろ漬け丼), tuna and salmon roe bowl (まぐろとイクラのミックス丼), salmon and salmon roe bowl (サーモンとイクラの親子丼), takana bowl (高菜丼 / takana, baby sardines and salmon roe) and Tuna, raw yolk with grated yam bowl (山かけ月見丼). Barachirashi is the most popular.

I ordered small size of Inaniwa udon set. Small have 300g of udon.

small size of Inaniwa udon set (稲庭うどん 七蔵特製スープつけ麺プラス ミニ丼ぶりセットの小サイズ) 1250 yen

300g looks not large, but I was enough full. It’s chewy and springy. It’s enough delicious without soup. Inaniwa udon was born in Akita prefecture and it is one of the local food in Akita.

The soup was based on sesame. And the soup have seasonal vegetables. That was winter. So, it had Fukinoto(Japanese Butterbur). Fukinoto is bitter a bit. It added good accent to the soup. There’s hot water in a pot, so, I put hot water into the bowl after finished eating udon and drunk it up.

I chose salmon and tuna bowl. It have two slices of tuna and salmon each.

Nothing has changed about udon. But I visited there in Summer and the soup had myoga (Japanese ginger). And I chose barachirashi.

Myoga have pungent and refreshing flavor, so, it’s suitable for summer.

This is barachirashi. So many people order this. Tuna, salmon, salmon roe, crabs and so on. It’s valuable ! As you see, those ingredients were fresh.


Name Inaniwa Udon Tenchaya Nanakura (稲庭うどん 天茶屋 七蔵)
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