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[Osaka] Sakanaya Hidezo (ひでぞう難波店) in Namba


If you want to eat fresh seafood with alcoholic drinks in Namba area, let me recommend you Hidezo (ひでぞう) ! Hidezo is a izakaya that have good seafood dishes like sashimi, tempura, croquette and so on. They are located close to Namba station. They are open at dinner time only.

They have high reputation and many people says “Every foods they serve is delicious !” But they have only 30 seats. 10 minutes after the opening time, every seats were occupied. Though some groups came in the restaurant without reservations after that, the staffs turned down them and they left. So, you’d be better reserve in advance. You can reserve on Tabelog. But it’s in Japanese only.

By the way, there are another some Hidezo within Osaka city.
* Sakana-ya Hidezo Imasato Honten (Head shop) (ひでぞう 今里本店)
* Sakana-ya Hidezo Tachinomi (ひでぞう 立ち呑み店)
* No smoking Tachinomi Sakana-ya Hidezo Aioibashi (禁煙立ち呑み 魚屋ひでぞう相生橋)
* Sushi Hidezo (鮨ひでぞう)

“Tachinomi” can’t be reserved, but you can reserve another Hidezo in advance.

They have beer, wine, Japanese sake, shochu, cocktails and so on. So, we toasted with shandy gaff and ginger ale !

shandy gaff (シャンディガフ, 430 yen) and ginger ale (ジンジャーエール, 250 yen)

Many izakaya in Japan require table charge (called “Otoshi”). This Hidezo, too. Hidezo’s otoshi is 300 yen. Instead of that, this small appetizer is included in the otoshi.


Of course, sashimi is MUST ! We ordered, too. Assorted five species of sashimi. From left to right, yellow tail, firefly squid, tuna, squid and scallop.

Assorted five species of sashimi (お造り5点盛り) 780 yen

Firefly squid. Not many restaurants serve firefly squid as raw because they have many germs and not good to eat it as raw. Only one way to kill the germs is to freeze them once. And then thaw. I think Hidezo did, too.

But it’s hard to thaw them with those good flavor remaining. This firefly squid was watery a bit. But still I enjoyed it. Its texture was good.

Pacific bluefin tuna.

Okara croquette. “Okara” is tofu refuse. I hate okara because it had dry texture. But this croquette was wet and tasty !

Okara croquette (おからのコロッケ) 600 yen

Young sweetfish tempura. Those innards were bitter a bit and its meats were fatty.
Young sweetfish tempura is my delight and I never thought I can eat such a good young sweetfish at Osaka.

Young sweetfish tempura (稚鮎の天ぷら) 580 yen

Raw yuba and sea urchin dressed with a thick amber color starchy sauce. Gorgeous. Yuba had smooth texture.

Raw yuba and sea urchin dressed with a thick amber color starchy sauce (生湯葉とうにのべっこうあんかけ) 580 yen

Boiled ocellated octopus. Crunchy texture.

Boiled ocellated octopus (いいだこの旨煮) 580 yen

Grilled big asari clam with soy sauce.
Large ! After eating its meat, we drink the soup up. It had plenty of extract of clam.

Grilled big asari clam with soy sauce (大あさりの醤油焼き) 480 yen

Firefly squid tempura. Though we ate firefly squid as sashimi, we also wanted to eat it as tempura. It was crisp. Firefly squid is small. But it have big impression.

Firefly squid tempura (ほたるいかの天ぷら) 480 yen

Vinegared mackerel pressed sushi. Mackerel was marinated with vinegar just a bit.

Vinegared mackerel pressed sushi (鯖の棒寿司) 580 yen

Every foods are rather small. So, we could eat various foods ! If you are there alone, you’ll be enjoy some foods !


Name Sakanaya Hidezo Namba (魚屋ひでぞう 難波店)
Open Dinner
Reservation Available
Credit card Unavailable
Website Website(in Japanese Only), Facebook

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