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[Osaka] 180 yen mix juice at Umeda Mix Juice (梅田ミックスジュース)


Umeda Mix Juice (former Hanshin Umeda station juice stand / 梅田ミックスジュース) was born about 50 years ago and they are still loved by local people because of the quality of mix juice and price. They sell mix juice for 180 yen !

Umeda Mix juice was located in front of the east ticket gate of Hanshin Umeda station and then they moved a bit. They are now located close to South Exit F23 of Hanshin Umeda station (Not Hankyu line !). There’s a ticket vending machine in front of the east ticket gate of the station. Umeda Mix Juice is at the back of the wall.

Here. There’s a lane in front of the shop and staff watch people.

So many people order mix juice, so mix juice occupy half of mixers :p About 4 – 5 mixers are for mix juice. after they run out of juice in a mixer, they set refills soon. So, it’s absolutely fresh ! (Price is differ from now because this photo was taken several years ago)

I think it’s about 200 cc cup. Not large. But they pour juice full. To tell the truth, I didn’t like mix juice because I felt some flavor and tastes come into my mouth and nose separately. But it’s united. Peach, banana, orange… everything get along with together. And it’s not too sweet. 🙂

Mix Juice (ミックスジュース) 180 yen

Also I like fresh melon juice, too. I feel I drink squeezed fresh melon meat. Sweet and flavorful.

Fresh melon juice (生メロンジュース) 300 yen

There’s no space to be seated, but there’s such a space in front of the shop. Umeda station is always busy, so many people drink along the wall properly.

Mix juice is nutritious. So, it’s helpful for you during enjoying Osaka !


Name Umeda Mix Juice (梅田ミックスジュース)
Open Morning through night
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