Closed – [Osaka] Steak box at Honmiyake (本みやけ) in Hankyu Sanbangai in Umeda

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I was excited about my lunch just after leaving at Osaka.But because of my flight delayed fortwo hours, my schedule was messed up.Anyway, I needed to eat something at Umeda because I skipped lunch.Umeda. Hanshin Sanbangai have many good restaurants.
I felt like eating meat, I had lunch at Honmiyake (本みやけ). They are beef hotpot specialty shop.

It was past 1 p.m., and I thought there must be much people waiting. But unexpectedly there were only 7 people waiting. They were born in 1902. They serve beef hotpot and steak box at inexpensive price. They have counter seats only. When they have a long line, they take order while people waiting. My steak box was served only a few minutes after I was seated.

This is a menu. It’s available throughout their business hour. Beef hotpot and steak box. Just them. And we can choose one from some levels of beef meat.

They have English menu, too.

I ordered steak box. Pickles and soup was served as soon as I was seated.Yes, this is nikusui (beef meat broth soup)

Beer. I asked the staff about the amount of small beer (一口生ビール) and he said it have only a few. So, I ordered normal size of draft beer. This was right decision.

Draft beer (生ビール) 450 yen

Everything was served in a few minutes. They work efficiency. I didn’t order hotpot because I think it takes much time, but they cook it efficiency and serve soon.

steak box (ステーキ重) 1200 yen

The steak had red meat with medium rare. If you want, they cook your steak with medium or more. It’s juicy. Not fatty. It’s good. The sauce was based on soy sauce and not too sweet. The sauce was soaked to the rice well, so I enjoyed eating rice only after ate up steak.


Name Honmiyake (本みやけ)
Open Day through night
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Available

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