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[Osaka] Tantanmen no okite wo yaburu mono (担担麺の掟を破る者) in Grand Front Osaka


I had dinner at Tantanmen no okite wo yaburu mono (担担麺の掟を破る者) in Grand Front Osaka connected to Umeda station.

Many restaurants close 10 p.m., but they take order until 10 p.m.

They are on the 7th floor of Grand Front Osaka. And they are in the group of Jinrui mina menrui (人類みな麺類). Their name 担担麺の掟を破る者 is interesting. It means they break the rule of tantanmen. At first, they started their business at Tsushima in Osaka. But they closed the shop and restarted at this building.

The interior is cool and stylish. Their interior is like Italian bar. There’re counter seats in front of the kitchen.

The strong sparkling water was served as soon as I was seated.

This is the menu. I know they have English menu, too. So, don’t worry. From right to left, standard tantanmen (黄金のたんたん麺), tantanmen without soup (汁なしたんたん麺), plum and green shiso tantanmen (南高梅と大葉のたんたん麺) and hot and sour tantanmen (酸辣たんたん麺). Standard tantanmen and tantanmen without soup is popular. All tantanmen have small rice to finish soup.

I ordered standard tantanmen. Yes. Its looking is already not normal tantanmen. But I know this appearance. This is Taiwanese noodles named Ta-a mi (担仔麵). Ta-a mi is ancestor of Japanese tantanmen. So, they don’t break the rule, they go back to origin of tantanmen 🙂 The large bok choi surface the 1/3 of the bowl.

Standard tantanmen (黄金のたんたん麺) 1180 yen

And it had much minced meat. The soy sauce soup had much extract of bonito. It was sour a bit. Though it had much Sichuan pepper, but it wasn’t so spicy. There’s Sichuan pepper on the table, so I put much into the soup.

This springy noodle had black sesame.

I added garlic after eating 1/3 of the noodles.

Garlic (国産にんにく) 165 yen

It had pungent tastes. But good ! Though it’s much, I added everything :p Delicious. But if you are there with someone, it’s good to share this garlic.

And last. I said to the staff, “rice please”. This is the small rice included in the price. It’s really small. But it’s just for me after eating noodles.

Yes. This is the perfect way of finish the soup.


Name Tantanmen no okite wo yaburu mono (担担麺の掟を破る者)
Open Day through night
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