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Closed – [Osaka] Honolulu coffee (ホノルルコーヒー道頓堀店) along Dotonbori


Taking a walk along Dotonbori in the morning is really fun because it’s calm contrary to in the daytime. You might know, this Dotonbori area is so busy area. There’s no intervals between buildings and always it is packed with people in the daytime.

By the way, I found white house it don’t match this Dotonbori view. Next to Bikkuri Donki…

Honolulu Coffee ! I got close to there.

Honolulu Coffee. I heard this branch is still new. And they are open from morning. So, when I got to there in the morning, they were already open. So, I had coffee break while walking.

Pancakes can be eaten from morning. But it’s heavy for me as breakfast.

I wanted to eat something because I didn’t eat anything after wake up, so I bought macadamia nuts-flavored coffee and marasada.

At first, I started to drink coffee. Hot malasada was served after a while. Water is free. Malasada was soft and delicious. Of course, coffee, too. The flavor of macadamia nuts is awesome. I always drink it when I visit branches of Honolulu Coffee.

Macadamia nuts-flavored coffee (マカダミアナッツフレーバーコーヒー, 320 yen) ano marasada (マラサダ, 200 yen)

Cafe is divided into two areas. Inside and Inside like terrace (Not outside). This is inside like terrace. Rays of lights were from the window. I felt good ! Fresh morning in Hawaiian atmosphere. I felt I’m in Hawaii.

I’m in Hawaii 🙂

Wow. But view is Dotonbori. Here’s Dotonbori all the same. But this difference between inside and ouside view is really fun.

Because it was still early in the morning, there were few people in the cafe, but when I walked through in front of there at lunchtime, there were so much people.


Name Honolulu Coffee Dotonbori (ホノルルコーヒー道頓堀店)
Open Morning through night
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Available
URL Website, Twitter, Instagram

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  1. Mike Lutz says:

    Looks like the shop they have at the Moana Hotel in Waikiki.

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