Shimbashi / 新橋


[Shimbashi] Breakfast at Yakiniku Like (焼肉ライク)

I had something to do at Shimbashi in the morning on Saturday. And then, I wanted to have alcoholic drinks at izakaya, ...

[Shimbashi] Natto ramen at Ramen Horiuchi (らぁめん ほりうち)

I visited Ramen Horiuchi Shimbashi branch (らぁめん ほりうち) that serve light shoyu ramen located in Shimbashi area. As their ...

[Shimbashi] Soup curry at Yukimasa (幸正)

I visited Yukimasa (幸正) that is a soup curry shop located in Shimbashi on Saturday. They are renovated Japanese wooden ...

[Shimbashi] Kama-teishoku at Suegen (末げん)

We got off at Shimbashi station to visit Suegen (末げん) and eat their signature food "Kama Teishoku". Suegen is a ...

Gyukatsu Okada (牛かつ おか田) in Shinbashi

Follow the line 30 minutes before the opening time ! I took a day off for just going to Toyotaya the other day :P Bu...
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