[Tokyo] Shrimp kakiage bowl at Mitsumura (光村) in Toranomon

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I had something to do at Shimbashi in the morning, and then everything was finished just before the opening time of Mitsumura (光村), so I went straight to there. I got to there one minute before the opening time, but the shop curtain was already hanged and there were some guests there. As you see the curtain, Mitsumura is unagi (eel) restaurant. And also their tempura have high reputation. They were born in 1930. They have such a historical atmosphere.

The restaurant is on the 2nd floor and they sell bento on the 1st floor. They are open on weekdays only

They are small restaurant on the 2nd floor. There are large table having suitable for 6 people, and there are 4 tables having 2 or 4 chairs.

Menu. They don’t have lunch menu. That’s all. うなぎ is eel. 天ぷら is tempura. So, they have more tempura than eel all the same :p

Shrimp kakiage bowl is the No.1 food at this restaurant. Actually, everyone ate it when I visited there. And another it have pickles and miso soup (red miso). They offer large helping of rice without charge, but normal size is enough. Rice was covered with kakiage.

Shrimp kakiage bowl (海老かき揚丼) 1300 yen

Though the sauce have strong color and it entirely soaked into the coating of tempura, but the tempura was crisp and the sauce didn’t have strong tastes. The sauce also soaked into the rice. So, you can enjoy the rice without kakiage. Those kakiage have much shrimps. Those shrimps were springy. Good. The rice was cooked firmer. This rice went with the sauce very well. The black thing was eggplant. The tempura was crisp even it got cold.

Not only its tastes but also having lunch in their historical house is awesome.


Name Mitsumura (光村)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Available for dinner time only
Credit card Unavailable
URL Website

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