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[Tokyo] Jinza Udon Shimbashi (さぬきうどんと肉 新橋 甚三)


I walked around Shimbashi because I had medical checkup in the morning, and I found this udon shop named Jinza Udon Shimbashi (さぬきうどんと肉 新橋 甚三). Though it was closed in the morning, I was sure that they have awesome udon. So, I had lunch at there after medical checkup.

When I was back to the shop after medical checkup, there were many people waiting. I also knew later, my friend who is a foodie and love udon know about this shop well. There are some branched, for example Daimon and so on. And this is the head shop. Though it’s not large shop, there are counter seats without gap. So, they have much seats.

There’s a ticket vending machine outside the shop. So, we buy tickets at first and then follow the line. If you want get udon TO GO, you show your tickets to staffs without following the line.

I didn’t intended to drink beer, but the small bottled beer cost only 300 yen….so. They have Yebisu and Heatland beer. I had Heartland beer.

I ordered meat udon with egg because their shop name have the words “肉 (meat)”. And udon and raw egg is best friends.

Meat udon with egg (肉たまぶっかけ) 720 yen

The soup stock was very mild. I think it’s to enjoy the springy udon and soft pork. But I like a bit stronger soup. Many ingredients are from Kagawa prefecture because they want to make local Sanuki udon.

But this pork is Hayashi SPF pork from Chiba prefecture. It’s good. But this udon cost higher because of it. The price of this pork is equal to squid and chicken tempura. Umm. I want to eat them instead of this pork. Both is my delight.

¥2,916 (2023/06/17 15:23時点 | Yahooショッピング調べ)


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