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[Tokyo] Beef curry at The KARI (ザ・カリ) in Onarimon


I love spicy foods. When I feel like having something spicy curry, I remember Beef curry of The KARI (ザ・カリ) in Shimbashi area is good.

The signboard says “ビーフ (辛口)”. It means “beef curry (spicy)”. I think the most spicy curry is Kashimir curry of DELI in Ginza. This beef curry is No.2, I think. They accept “TO GO” (there’s a window for buying curry bento on the right)

There’re four curries. Beef (spicy, 910 yen), chicken (Rather spicy, 810 yen), Shrimp and mushrooms (910 yen) and eggplant and minced meat (810 yen). It’s Summer-Autumn menu. In Winter, they serve stuffed cabbage curry. They take order in order.

They are open during weekdays lunchtime only. So, it’s difficult to go for me because I’m working during weekdays daytime. There’re many workers around there waiting in front of the door. There’re only 10 counter seats in the house. Though there are lots of people waiting, curry is already cooked. So, it is served quickly. And many people eat quickly. So, You can eat curry earlier than expected.

This is the beef curry that attract spice lovers. I ordered smaller helping of rice. It seems not spicy. But actually it’s very spicy. Half of visitors order it. Whenever I visit there, I order this beef curry, too.

beef curry (ビーフ) 910 yen

It’s watery curry like soup. But it tasted good. And spicy. The beef is chewy. But good.It went with this curry very well. Mashed potatoes having cumin is on the dish, too. Japanese rice is cooked medium-firm. I think it’s good for soupy curry.

I rarely sweat during I’m eating. But I found my forehead was wety with sweat after I ate it up. Only one thing that make me disappointed is, the amount of the curry. It’s shallow dish. So, the amount of the curry is less than its looking. Though it’s so spicy while eating, I feel fine after finished. I never feel stomachache 🙂

If you want more spice, there’s chili powder on the table. But the spiciness of the beef curry is enough for me 🙂

I want to try another curries, but I can’t help ordering beef curry after all.


Name The Kali (ザ・カリ)
Open Lunch
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable

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