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[Tokyo] Natto ramen at Ramen Horiuchi (らぁめん ほりうち) in Shimbashi


I visited Ramen Horiuchi Shimbashi branch (らぁめん ほりうち新橋店) that serve light shoyu ramen located in Shimbashi area. As their signboard says “しんじゅく (Shinjuku)”, their head shop is located in Shinjuku area. Because Shimbashi is a busy business district, Shimbashi branch is open from 7 a.m. on weekdays. And workers in Shimbashi can eat ramen as breakfast with only 500 yen.

They have rather long history.

They have counter seats and tables. They have wide kitchen and the interval of each seats is wide.

There’s a ticket vending machine at the right of the door as soon as you enter. They have two species of noodles. Ramen (らぁめん) and Zaru ramen (ざるらぁめん). Zaru ramen is tsukemen. Both have soy sauce based soup. And we can add natto, raw egg and roast pork on it with additional fee. Normal size and large size is same price.
Normal size is not too small. But easy to eat after I ate something at Toyosu market :p If you have empty stomach, large is better even if you are small eater.

Because it was hot because I walked from Toyosu Market, I ordered Kaku Highball. Inexpensive. This was the first time to drink highball at ramen shop. It had much whiskey. Good.

Kaku Highball (角ハイボール) 340 yen

Why I visited there ? The reason is clear. I wanted to eat it. Natto ramen. It have smooth natto on it. It was mixed well in advance. So soft.

Natto ramen (納豆らぁめん 並盛) 790 yen

At first I ate ramen without natto. I found this soup is based on chicken soup stock and mild soy sauce soup. It’s not weak. Mild. Those curly noodles was soft and it went with this soup. And then I ate ramen dressed with natto. Yes. Natto is strong. Natto is leading role. But good. Needless to say, simple soy sauce soup and natto is good friends.

And another, green vegetables, dried laver, roast pork on it. The roast pork was thick.


Name Ramen Horiuchi Shimbashi (らぁめん ほりうち 新橋店)
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