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[Tokyo] Rich tsukemen at Sugou (麺屋 周郷)


It was around 10:30 a.m., I was freed from medical checkup at Shimbashi. And I walked around the area to decide my lunch. And then I found Sugou (麺屋 周郷) that is so popular tsukemen shop by happen. So, I decided to have lunch at there. Also, my friend was around there and he came to have lunch with me at there.

They have only 5 seats and they need to take much time to cook noodles, so we need to wait such a long time.

There’s a ticket vending machine outside. They have tsukemen only. The amount of noodles can be choosen from small (150g), medium (200g) and large (250g). Price is same. Paypay is available. If you want to pay by paypay, say staff “with paypay”.

I ordered Tsukemen with egg. Of course, I ordered small one. 150g. Soup, noodles and toppings separately was served.

Tsukemen with egg (煮玉子つけ麺) 1100 yen

It looks very small and I thought I can eat it up with easily. But it’s thick and had springy texture. So, it filled my stomach soon. I managed to eat it up. The noodle is thick, and it had abundant flavor of flour. They rinse it in cold water after boiling.

Soup. Soup ? Umm. It’s like paste.

You understand by this photo ? The soup is very thick. Muddy. And it had abundant flavor of fishes and pork. The tastes itself is normal fishes and tonkotsu soup. But, the texture is not normal.

I didn’t order extra roast pork, but it had three slices of roast pork ! And bamboo shoot and the skin of wonton.

I put roast pork into the soup. Unexpectedly, the soup isn’t greasty. It’s like pottage. We need to left soup to enjoy porridge, but only a little soup was left.

I handed soup to the staff, and then he served me it. The soup have another fish broth soup, and three items.

From left, mitsuba, roast pork and rice with yukari. Yukari is furikake made of shiso leaf.

I put rice into the soup and ate. Thick soup changed to sophisticated porridge. I felt I’m in fancy Japanese restaurant !


Name Sugou (麺屋 周郷)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable

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