Sushi Yu (鮨由う) in Roppongi

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Sushi Yu is a Michellin-star awarded sushi restaurant and I had wanted to visit there. Only one year have passed since they have started their business in Roppongi area.

What do you imagine about Roppongi ?
Gorgeous ? Crowded ?

Sushi Yu is located in such a calm area. It’s the center of Roppongi. But they are along the back of street. Once you are into back alley, Roppongi is calm.

Light, Sushi Yu (Roppongi)

Where ?

It takes only 5 minutes walk from the station. If you use Tokyo metro, Exit 6 of Roppongi station is the closest to Sushi Yu.

Dinner course only

Basically they prepare 15000 yen (price rose up to 20000 yen now) course only having tsumami and sushi.
You’d better reserve in advance because seats are always full with reservation.

Entrance, Sushi Yu (Roppongi)

There’re two men inside the counter table. A man close to the entrance is the manager.
Which is better? No. They are equal in their skill of sushi. But the manager is well-known as talkative man. I was seated in front of him.

Dinner course

There’re drinks menu, but they have some unlisted Japanese sake on the menu. So, ask chefs if you want Japanese sake. They’ll choice your best one.

I ordered Japanese sake as his recommendation.Hakurakusei (伯楽星)

Hakurakusei, Sushi Yu (Roppongi)

At first, Mineoka dofu was served.
Mineoka dofu have “dofu (=tofu)” in its name, but it’s not real tofu.
It have milk instead of soy. In addition this Mineoka Dofu have corn and cheese. So, it’s sweet and like cream cheese.

Mineoka dofu, Sushi Yu (Roppongi)

And then, Hirame (Flatfish) was served in cooked Japanese sake.
Cooked Japanese sake entirely missed alcohol. So, don’t worry about younger people.

Flat Fish, Sushi Yu (Roppongi)

The chef said to us that putting wakame seaweed (free refills) into the sake is good. We did so. We agreed with him 🙂

Laver, Sushi Yu (Roppongi)

Oyster with ponzu. It was excluded in the course. The chef recommended it, so we added. It was large and tasted great.

Oyster, Sushi Yu (Roppongi)

Iso Tsubugai (Whelk). I couldn’t pick its innards up.
But its meat was enough good.

Whelk, Sushi Yu (Roppongi)

Kobakogani (Female snow crab)
This is my favorite crab that can be eaten during November-December only. I was glad to eat it at my longing sushi restaurant. The jelly was made of vinegar and crab’s eggs. Splendid.

Kobakogani, Sushi Yu (Roppongi)

Chawanmushi having clam.

Chawanmushi, Sushi Yu (Roppongi)

Grilled Tachiuo (Cutlass fish)
Fatty cutlass fish. Not only its meat but also its skin was good.

Cutlass fish, Sushi Yu (Roppongi)

Mejimaguro (Young tuna). It was baked in a straw. Its skin have the smell of straw. It went with soy sauce with mustard.

Mejimaguro, Sushi Yu (Roppongi)
Soy sauce with mustard for mejimaguro, Sushi Yu (Roppongi)

Gari (free refills) was served. I thought it’s the sign of sushi time.

Gari, Sushi Yu (Roppongi)

But it wasn’t the time yet.
The chef mixed something well in the bowl.
And then Purin maki (Pudding roll) was served. Vinegared rice and monkfish liver. It is mixed well like risotto. This is their specialty !
I couldn’t imagine its taste until eating, but unexpectedly it tasted light and tasty ! And their seaweed is good.

Purin-maki, Sushi Yu (Roppongi)

Deep fried Mehikari (Chlorophthalmus borealis)
Fatty mehikari was seasoned with salt well.

Mehikari, Sushi Yu (Roppongi)

Then I added drink. Supuraito (すぷらいと).

Supuraito, Sushi Yu (Roppongi)

Shirako (Soft roe) with ponzu. Excluded in the course. It’s my delight, too. And it’s the taste of Winter. So, I added.

Soft roe, Sushi Yu (Roppongi)

And finally, sushi was prepared ! Sushi time !

Ogawachelin, Sushi Yu (Roppongi)

First sushi at Sushi Yu was it.Kasugo (Young red sea bream)
It was vinegared so lightly.

Young red sea bream, Sushi Yu (Roppongi)

Sumi ika (Golden cuttlefish) Its sharp texture was good !

Sumiika, Sushi Yu (Roppongi)

Aji (Horse mackerel)
Green thing is leek. It’s tasted like garlic. But it don’t leave smell at all. Tasty.

Horse mackerel, Sushi Yu (Roppongi)

Sawara (Spanish mackerel).
Sushi Hashimoto and Sugita always bake Spanish mackerel lightly in a straw. But it’s entirely raw. I like it better than that is baked in a straw.

Spanish mackerel, Sushi Yu (Roppongi)

Kohada (Young gizzard shad)

Young gizzard shad, Sushi Yu (Roppongi)

Marinated Akami (lean meat of tuna) in sauce.
The tuna was from Boston. Though it’s the part that don’t have much fat. But it was enough fatty !

Lean meat of tuna, Sushi Yu (Roppongi)

Chu-Toro (中トロ) part of tuna. It was like o-toro !

Toro, Sushi Yu (Roppongi)

Ikura (Salmon roe). There was rice at the bottom of it. Bigger salmon roe.

Salmon roe, Sushi Yu (Roppongi)

Tamagoyaki having green laver. Beautiful and tasty !

tamagoyaki, Sushi Yu (Roppongi)

Two-storied Uni (Sea urchin)
At first, we ate the top. And then the chef put sauce on the bottom. So, we ate it as sushi. Gorgeous.

Sea urchin, Sushi Yu (Roppongi)

Hotate (Scallop) was so sweet !

Scallop, Sushi Yu (Roppongi)

Anago (Conger eel). Boiled conger eel was so soft !

Conger eel, Sushi Yu (Roppongi)

Soup. The course end.

Soup, Sushi Yu (Roppongi)

We asked the chef, “Do you have anything else ?”. He answered about five things that we didn’t eat yet.
Though I wanted to have some, but I didn’t have enough space in stomach.
So, I ordered Kuruma Ebi (Kuruma prawn) only. It’s my delight. And it was right decision to eat ! This is the best prawn that I haven’t eaten !

Kuruma prawn, Sushi Yu (Roppongi)

About the restaurant

Name in English / Sushi Yu
Name in Japanese / 鮨由う
Address / Land Roppongi Bldg B1F, 4-5-11 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone / 03-3404-1134

Open / 8 p.m. – 11 p.m.
Closed / Sundays and another national holidays

Credit card / Available
Reservation / Available (Table check)
URL / Instagram, Facebook


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Jan 18, 2020 Update price (15000 yen –> 20000 yen)


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