[Tokyo] Ushio (麺巧 潮) in Awajicho

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Ushio (麺巧 潮) is very popular ramen shop in Kanda.

There have two types of ramen mainly. Toripaitan soba and Nihon-ichi Shoyu soba. And another, they sometimes have limited special ramen. They offer large helping of rice by free of charge at lunchtime.

As well as many ramen shops, they have ticket vending machine at the door.
So you get your ticket after you enter the shop. And then staff lead you to the seat. There’re 9 counter seats and 1 table having 4 seats. The shop is narrow. They don’t accept children under around 10 years old.

This is my choice. Toripaitan soba. Toripaitan is thick and smooth chicken broth.

Toripaitan soba (鶏白湯そば) 870 yen

The soup stock have broth of chicken and vegetables. And the soup, fresh cream and milk is mixed well. It looks like spaghetti in soup. Also the texture of noodles is similar to spaghetti.
They make their medium narrow noodles on their own.

Basic ingredients are rolled asparagus with pork, poached egg, broccoli, deep fried onion, cut pasley and so on. It’s ramen ? Umm. It’s spaghetti :p When I feel like eating ramen, I don’t want to eat it. I say again. It’s good spaghetti 🙂

This is my friend’s choice. Nihon-Ichi Shoyu soba. I tasted. Well, I love shoyu ramen best in all kinds of ramen all the same. The clear soup having soy sauce and chicken broth is good. Basic ingredients. Roast pork, roast duck, egg, mizuna ! Gorgeous.

Nihon-ichi Shoyu soba (にほんいち醤油そば) 870 yen

You may think ”What is Nihon-ichi Shoyu?”.
Nihon-ichi Shoyu (にほんいち醤油) is high-populated soy sauce produced by Oka Naosaburo Shoten Co.ltd of Gunma prefecture. Now the number of ramen shops that use this soy sauce is increasing, but the first ramen shop that use this soy sauce is said to be Ushio.

This soup have soup stock made of konbu seaweed, dried mackerel and the Nihon-ichi Shoyu. It’s like soba soup !


Name Ushio (麺巧 潮)
Open Day through night
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable

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