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[Tokyo] Lunch barachirashi at Sushi Sho (すし匠) in Yotsuya


Because I had nothing to do on last Wednesday’s lunchtime, I went to Sushi Sho (すし匠) that is a fancy sushi restaurant in Yotsuya area. A few years have passed since I visited there last time.

When I got to there, there’s notice “本日は終了しました” (=already closed today), but don’t worry. I had a reservation 🙂

Its location is easy to find. But this restaurant is hard to find because the restaurant tucked away on the street.

They are a fancy sushi restaurant. Their course is expensive. It cost from 20000 yen. But we can enjoy their great seafood as barachirashi (sashimi bowl) at lunchtime. This splendid lunch is served on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays only. It cost 2000 yen.

Lunchtime is from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., But guests have to exit every 40 minutes.
Starting time is, 11:30, 12:10 and 12:50. They accept reservation one week before the reservation date. Reservation is essential. If there’re vacant seats, we can have lunch without reservation. But it seldom.

I thought 40 minutes lunchtime is too short, but actually my barachirashi was served in 5 minutes as soon as I was seated, so, I could eat slowly. If you worry about your slow eating, I recommend you have reservation at 12:50 because there’s no guest after you.

When you reserve, they confirm you that they have barachirashi only at lunchtime. So, you have only to go to there, and sit down on the chair on the day. Staff serve tea and bara-chirashi to you automatically.

This is the whole set of barachirashi. Barachirashi is served with pickles and miso soup. And cold tea is served in Summer, and another is hot tea.

Tuna, red sea bream, splendid alfosino, mackerel, boiled conger eel, abalone, squid, shrimp, salmon roe, sea urchin, octopus, herring spawn on kelp, shiitake mushrooms and so forth was dished up on the rice. It’s like jewelry. Gorgeous. I didn’t count, they said it have about 30 species of ingredients on the rice.

Most of seafood was 1 slices. Maximum 2 pieces. Variety of seafood is studded. We can enjoy various “delicious”. The rice was vinegared lightly.

They use edge of seafood that is served at dinner time. So, the quality of seafood is as same as at dinner time. We can eat it at inexpensive price at lunchtime. Great thing 🙂

Maguro-dokoro Ichijo
¥5,980 (2024/06/14 17:52時点 | 楽天市場調べ)


Name Sushi Sho (すし匠)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Required
Credit card Available for course only

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