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Closed – [Tokyo] Hamburger at Nijiiro (ニジイロ) in Kachidoki


I’m really happy because new restaurant was open close to my office and they serve yummy hamburger at lunchtime. Their name is Nijiiro (ニジイロ). Nijiiro means rainbow color. But appearance is black and white :p

And the interior is brown.

When I visited there for the first time, I chose cheese hamburger that is my delight. All food have soup at lunchtime and all hamburger have French fly.

Cheese hamburger (チーズバーガー) 980 yen

Soft buns, lettuce, juicy putty having roughly minced meat and cheese ! Everything tasted good !

And we can have one drink with extra 100 yen. There’s no doubt that hamburger and coke is good friends.

And a few weeks later, I visited there again. I ordered Mexican hamburger. Mexican hamburger is, as I expected, spicy hamburger. It have cheddar cheese and much salsa sauce.

Mexican hamburger (メキシカンバーガー) 1080 yen

Though it was delicious, too much salsa sauce steal the spotlight. I think simple cheese humburger is better all the same. By the way, this salsa sauce went with French fry 🙂


Name Nijiiro (ニジイロ)
Open Day through night
Reservation Available for dinner time only
Credit card Available

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