Sushi / 寿司


[Ginza] Sushi Yuu (鮨由う) from Roppongi

Finally I visited new Sushi Yu (鮨由う) in Ginza moved from Roppongi ! Now they are on the 8th floor of the building close...

[Ginza] Stand-up-eating sushi at Hinatomaru (ひなと丸)

Hinatomaru Group (ひなと丸) is expanding. They are stand-up-eating sushi shop and their head shop is in Asakusa. And finall...

[Hakodate] Valuable Sundays sushi set at Sensushi (鮮寿司)

I visited Sensushi (鮮寿司) after enjoying the view of Goryokaku. They are located in the residential area and they have c...

[Tokyo] Sushi Miyuki (鮨 美幸) in Shintomicho

This is a former location of Sushi Hashimoto in Shintomicho. Sushi Hashimoto started their business from here. And Sush...

[Tsukiji] Valuable lunch at Sushitomi (すし富) on weekdays

High-populated sushi restaurants in Tsukiji have always a long line. There's a sushi restaurant named Sushitomi (すし富) i...

[Tokyo] Sushi course at Mantensushi (まんてん鮨)

Because recently our delight sushi restaurants are hard to reserve, we are exploring another sushi restaurants. And one...

[Ginza] Tachigui Nemuro Hanamaru (立食い寿司 根室花まる) in Tokyu Plaza

Stand-up-eating Nemuro Hanamaru (根室花まる) is on the B2F of Tokyu Plaza Ginza and they offer valuable sushi that have fresh seafood directly from Hokkaido.

[Osaka] Sushi Ohata (寿し おおはた) in Umeda

When we visited Osaka, we had dinner at Sushi Ohata (寿し おおはた) that is fancy Edomae-sushi style restaurant in Kita-Shinc...

[Tokyo] Lunch at Takagaki no Sushi (高柿の鮨) in Suitengu-mae

One of the popular sushi restaurant located in Roppongi who won the single star of Michellin recommended us to visit Ta...

[Hakodate] Dinner at Sushi Tsukasa (鮨和処 つかさ)

I reserved Sushi Tsukasa (鮨和処 つかさ) that is sushi restaurant for 1st dinner at Hakodate.Tsukasa is close to Goryokaku. I...

[Toyosu Market] Spring seafood at Sushidai (寿司大)

I visited Sushidai (寿司大) in Toyosu Market. It was the best firefly squid season. I had so happy time ! As soon a...

[Tokyo] Lunch course at Daikanyama Sushi Takeuchi (鮨たけうち)

I visited a sushi restaurant named Sushi Takeuchi (鮨たけうち) in Daikanyama. Sushi Sato near this restaurant run this new r...

[Tsukiji] Seafood dinner party at Motodane (本種)

About two months have passed since Tsukiji Market finished their role as market.Tsukiji was bright that night, too. ...

[Toyosu Market] Chef’s choice at Daiwasushi (大和寿司)

Speaking of sushi in Tsukiji former Market, Daiwasushi (大和寿司) was one of the most popular sushi shop as well as Sushida...

Moved – [Tsukiji Market] Kiku course at Ryu Sushi (龍寿司)

Still there're some shops that I haven't visited yet in Tsukiji Market. Ryu Sushi (龍寿司) is one of the shop and finally ...
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