Roppongi / 六本木


[Tokyo] Porcini and truffle ramen at Iruca Tokyo (入鹿TOKYO) in Roppongi

Iruca Tokyo (入鹿TOKYO) might get most attention in all ramen shop in Tokyo now. I visited there the other day. They were...

[Roppongi] Dinner at Sushi Yuu (鮨由う)

Sushi Yuu (鮨由う) is a Michellin-star awarded sushi restaurant. Only one year have passed since they have started their b...

[Tokyo] Hamburger dinner at AS Classics Diner (ASクラシックスダイナー) in Roppongi Hills

I went to Roppongi Hills after a long long absence. There were as much people as ever. Roppongi Hills have a branch of ...

[Roppongi] Chinese local dishes at Kuronekoyoru (黒猫夜)

I had eaten Chinese cuisine several times, but I had never met such an eccentric dishes. I had dinner at Kuronekoyoru (...
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