Siem Reap 2014 (4/8) : Sunrise at Angkor Wat and Beng Mealea

Sunrise3, Angkorwat(Siem Reap2014) CAMBODIA
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Long-awaited Angkor Wat !

The third day morning, we got up at 5 a.m. 🙂
Why did we get up and go out so early, without breakfast ?

Surely, because of seeing sunrise at Angkor wat !

Sunrise1, Angkorwat(Siem Reap2014)


Sunrise2, Angkorwat(Siem Reap2014)


To our little regret, when the sun rose, the sky was already bright.
And, I wanted the sun more close to the architecture. But still it was splendid 🙂

Sunrise3, Angkorwat(Siem Reap2014)


From the gate, it looked like evening.

After enjoying the sunrise at Angkor Wat, we returned to our hotel and had breakfast.

Third Breakfast, Dinner (Siem Reap2014)


I tried not to eat much at breakfast that day because I tend to get carsick. We were due to go to Beng Mealea, about one and a half hours by bus from our hotel.
I tried to have coffee, but, I found a big worm in my cup ! I couldn’t drink.
Afterall, I didn’t drink coffee at Cambodia withoug the last day night.
Ah, why I could find the worm is because I put milk into the coffee. Person who drink coffee without milk won’t be able to find worm until they drink 😛

Fortunately, I didn’t get carsick. Maybe the road was too rough and our bus jolted 😛
I don’t like smooth vibration.
Beng Mealea Jungle Temple. It was hidden by jungle until recently. After cleared minefield,travelers learned to enter the site from about 2000. Quite recently.

Minefield cleared, Beng Mealea1(Siem Reap2014)


So, though it is said to be one model of Laputa, we can fine it is a lie by time series.

Long approach and the gate (But it was ruined).

Road to Beng Mealea1(Siem Reap2014)


That’s really gate.

Beng Mealea3(Siem Reap2014)


Certainly, it has nothing to do with Laputa, but I think we can enjoy the atmosphere to the full. (…Though I haven’t seen Laputa….)

Beng Mealea2(Siem Reap2014)


I was very impressed by the heritage.

I couldn’t know where am I. I felt I’m in the labyrinth. I was very careful not to lose sight of our guide 😛

Beng Mealea4(Siem Reap2014)


I know it’s a world heritage. So, people have to save the heritage. But I wonder how people save the collapsed temple. I don’t want it to be reconstruction.
But I wonder if it is possible to save the temple as it is in the state.

Beng Mealea5(Siem Reap2014)


Lots of souvenir shops along the street 🙂 Our guide on this picture 😉

Souvenir shops street, Beng Mealea1(Siem Reap2014)



  1. tokyohamster says:

    Those are some beautiful photos! But a worm in your milk? Yuck! Is that common in Cambodia? These days, so many of my friends in Japan have been traveling to Cambodia! I can see why now!

    • Ryoko says:

      No, a worm in my coffee. I found the worm in my coffee when I put milk into my coffee. It was really disgusting 🙁
      I tried to drink coffee at Cambodia four times, but three of them had a worm (>_<)
      Coffee pots opened, so, it was easy for worms in and it is difficult to find because coffee is black 😛
      I was very surprised that there were so many Japanese at Cambodia !

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