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[Funabashi] : Oden, soba and Japanese sake at Kingyoya (金魚屋)


We wanted to eat oden before getting completely warm. So, we went to Kingyoya (金魚屋) that is popular as good oden and soba. They are underpass just close to Funabashi station.

But unfortunately it was warm that day. Kingyoya have a variety of Japanese sake. They really have so many kinds of Japanese sake, so they recommend “Comparing tastes set” to first comers. We can choose three Japanese sake from all kinds of Japanese sake on the menus.

A piece of Japanese sake menu

If you don’t know Japanese sake very well, they choose three Japanese sake for you. I don’t know Japanese sake well, too. So, anyway, I chose my three sake from Nagano prefecture.
From left to right, Toyoka (豊賀), Sawa no hana (澤の花) and Saku no hana (佐久の花).
Everything had good flavor and those were very good. But I like Saku-no-hana best.

Otoshi (Appetizer) was mekabu seaweed. The restaurant isn’t izakaya, so unless you order any alcoholic drinks, waiter don’t serve the otoshi.

It’s grilled miso with whole buckwheat seeds.

Grilled miso (焼きみそ) 390 yen

Nukazuke. It’s pickles.

Nukazuke (自家製ぬか漬け) 400 yen

Potherb salads.

Potherb salads (香味野菜サラダ) 400 yen

Beef tendon stew. It was simmered until those meats are soft 🙂

Beef tendon stews (牛すじの煮込み) 420 yen

Karaage. This karaage was dressed with soba powder. The coating was very soft.

Karaage (鶏のから揚げ) 380 yen

Vinegared mackerel. It was vinegared lightly. I like it.

Vinegared mackerel (しめさば) 600 yen

At first, I thought that what’s “batman” ? When the dish came, I understood that batman is simmered pork with soy sauce.

Batman (バットマン) 450 yen

Today’s bone senbei and baby conger eel. Baby conger eel is called “nore sore”.

Today’s bone senbei (今日の骨せんべい, 150 yen)  and Baby conger eels (のれそれ, 400 yen)

And we ordered some small dishes. Everything go with Japanese sake. I also think it go with white wine. I had never seen cream cheese with saikyo-miso. Saikyo-miso is sweet white miso bean paste made in Kyoto. I know mostly saikyo-miso is used for seafoods.

Grilled cream cheese with saikyo miso (チーズの西京漬け, 280 yen), broad bean with brown sugar (黒糖空豆, 150 yen) and cream cheese with pickled fish innard (クリームチーズチャンジャ, 270 yen)

Well, we was there to eat oden. We never forgot.

We ordered daikon radish, egg and beef tendon. Those are standard ingredients of oden 🙂

Daikon radish oden (大根おでん, 130 yen), Egg oden (たまごおでん, 130 yen) and Beef tendon (牛すじ, 200 yen)

Raw yuba oden. Yuba is bean-curd skin. It’s smooth and good. It’s like silk made of soy milk.

Raw yuba oden (生ゆばおでん) 250 yen

Mentaiko and Japanese yam (Yamatoimo). Mentaiko ! My delight seafoods !

Mentaiko (明太子, 200 yen) and Japanese yam (大和芋, 200 yen)

Though it was warm climate, we enjoyed oden to the full 🙂 We were already full, but we ate soba. Soba with pork. Its soup had chili oil in it. So, it’s spicy a bit.

Soba with pork (肉そば) 600 yen

Soba with daikon radish. Those grated radish have pungent tastes and it’s called “Karami daikon”. It’s simple and good. I like it far better than pork soba above :p

Soba with daikon radish (辛味大根そば) 600 yen


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