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[Hakodate] Yunokawa Onsen foot bath (湯の川温泉足湯 湯巡り舞台)


When I went to Hakodate airport from Hakodate station, I felt like going to Yunokawa Onsen all the same. I intended to go to there before going to Hakodate, but it was unexpectedly severe cold, and I didn’t have enough time. I didn’t have enough time to take onsen bath. Still I wanted to visit there. I visited there only for onsen foot bath in front of Yunokawa Onsen station. This is the foot bath.

If you take city bus, you can get to Hakodate airport from the Yunokawa Onsen Hotel Banso mae (湯の川温泉ホテル万惣前) bus stop. We can enjoy this foot bath without fee. It’s available from 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. Many local people use it.

View from the foot bath. Crossing.

Yunokawa Onsen is unexpectedly not busy onsen town. There were not many people and shops and restaurants. I think many tourists stay overnight and enjoy stay and onsen springs in hotels. Not for stay short time like me :p Though I wanted to kill time somewhere like cafe, I couldn’t find anything.

Yunokawa Onsen was said to be found in 1653. But they might have longer history.

This transparent hot water contains Natrium, chloride and so on. It smelled chlorine a bit. I think strong chlorine is essential to foot bath. The water was hotter.

There’s not towel at there, but if you need, the souvenir shop in front of the foot bath sell towel. Because it was cold day, it was hard to get out of the bath :p

It takes about 20 minutes to the airport from Yunokawa. So, I think it’s good plan to drop in at Yunokawa Onsen before going to the airport. I want to spend much time at there. Of course, I want to take onsen bath next time !


Name Yunokawa Onsen Foot bath (湯の川温泉 足湯 湯巡り舞台)
Open 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Fee Free of charge

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