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Closed – [Tokyo] Edokko (江戸っ子) in Keisei-Tateishi


Recently I visit Uchida in Keisei-Tateishi area so frequently. When I visit there by myself, I go back to my home after Uchida straightly. But when I visit there with my friends, we want to visit another shops after Uchida all the same 🙂 Edokko (江戸っ子) is suitable for such a situation.

This shop is large and there are many seats. And people visit there and drink and eat quickly. So, we can secure seats with only 10 minutes waiting or so even if there’re many people waiting. They are close to Keisei Tateishi station. It’s the opposite area of Nakamise street having Uchida and Sakae Zushi.

Speaking of Edokko, they have a variety of food and drink names on strips on the wall. But they have also such a menu, too. As soon as we were seated, the staff took our drink order. But we couldn’t answer soon, and she handed it to me. This is drink menu.

Foods. One motsuyaki dish have four skewers (but teppou have three).

As soon as we seat, they take our drink order. This is whiskey highball. It’s common drink.

Whiskey highball (ウイスキーハイボール) 350 yen

But if you say only “highball”, they ask again or they serve this. Edokko specialty Highball. Especially in Keisei-Tateishi, mostly “highball” means it having shochu and soda. Their highball have good balance of soda and shochu. Not weak. Not strong. Well. strong a bit for me :p

Edokko specialty Highball (江戸っ子特製ハイボール) 350 yen

Edokko’s specialty, motsu nikomi is MUST to order. If you are small eater like me and visit there alone, I think you will be full with only it. It’s light tastes because it have much vegetables like daikon radish, green onion and potatoes.

Motsu nikomi (simmered pork giblet / もつ煮込み) 360 yen

Basically they serve four motsuyaki in a dish. There’re three flavors. Salt, tare (soy sauce based sauce) and Kara-tare (spicy tare). This is pork liver and shiro (colon).
It was seasoned well, and it went with their special highball.

This is pig’s ears sashimi. Though it have the word “sashimi” on its name, it’s boiled. The sauce was sour and spicy a bit. It had refreshing tastes.

Pig’s ear sashimi (耳刺し)

Edokko is motsuyaki izakaya. But they serve some seafood and vegetable dishes. And those are delicious. So, even though we visit Edokko, we sometimes don’t eat motsuyaki and nikomi :p

Shredded yum (山芋の千切り, 200 yen), Vinegared medium sized gizzard shad (小肌の酢漬け, 360 yen)

Macaroni salad. Macaroni salad is common food in izakaya. But mostly it is eaten with soy sauce. But at Edokko, they put Worcestershire sauce. Of course, they ask in advance. But unexpectedly it went with this smooth Worcestershire sauce well.

Macaroni salad (マカロニサラダ) 200 yen


Name Edokko (江戸っ子)
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