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[Suburbs of Hakodate] Unique Onuma Dango at Numanoya (沼の家) in Onuma


When I said to my friends, “I’ll visit Onuma Park”, almost all of them recommended “Onuma Dango”. So, I intended to buy it if I have a chance. But I found the shop Numanoya (沼の家) is just in front of the Onuma Park station (Onuma Koen station). The chance is in front of me ! So, I bought one before my train leaving back for Hakodate.

Onuma Dango have two types. One is soy sauce and anko, and another is soy sauce and sesame. Normal portion cost 390 yen, large portion is 650 yen. The expiry date is the day.

Be cafeful. Some shops sell “Onuma Dango” around there, but only Numanoya registered Onuma Dango as their trademark. Genuine Onuma Dango can be bought at Numanoya only.

Though they have another many merchandises in the shop, Onuma Dango isn’t there. They stock them in the refrigerator and bring them little by little. So, I ordered at the cashier.

This is Onuma Dango. I bought soy sauce and anko. I bought just normal one because the expiry date is that day. But I should have bought more. It’s delicious and the amount is small.

You think I visited there in Autumn ? No. This paper is used all year round. This was drawn by Chosyu Hanamoto (花本聴秋) who’s a popular haiku poet.

Dangos are entirely covered with plastic sheet to prevent it from drying. It had one pick. Left is Onuma lake (big swamp lake / 大沼湖) and right is Konuma lake (Small swamp lake / 小沼湖). Mochi is small islands. Those components complete Onuma dango.

Onuma dango (大沼だんご) small one 390 yen

Onuma. I got one mochi by pick. It’s small and like cocoon. Truthfully speaking, I felt it’s not tasty from its looking. But I understood why many people recommend it. Springy and delicious. Anko (redbean pastes) was smooth and not too sweet. Good.

Picked one from Onuma. Sweetened red bean pastes and mochi.

Konuma.Mitarashi dango (soy sauce).
It looks too sweet. But actually, it’s not. The flavor of soy sauce is good. I ate them up soon. I should have bought sesame, too.

Picked one from Konuma. Mitarashi made of soy sauce and sugar.

So, expiry date is the day ? Don’t worry, one person can eat at least two sets in a day !


Name Numanoya (沼の家)
Open Morning from evening
Credit card Available

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