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[Hakodate] Atka mackerel centric dinner at Nebokke (根ぼっけ)


Nebokke sashimi was one of foods that I had wanted to eat if I have a chance to visit Hakodate ! Nebokke is a Atka mackerel. It’s called “hokke” in Japanese. Nebokke (地物産品御料理処 根ぼっけ) is a specialty restaurant of Nebokke.

The restaurant is rather large, and there’re counter seats at the door surrounding the kitchen, and there are many tables and tatami room, semi-private room and so on. If you reserve course in advance, you can have free refills of drinks with extra 1600 yen.

There’s a pool in front of the restaurant and squids are there. And also there’s large pool in the restaurant. And they have a variety of fresh seafood. But their specialty is Nebokke all the same. They have about 60 foods that have nebokke. This is “Today’s recommend”.

Truthfully speaking, I wasn’t hungry because I ate too much at lunchtime, so I wanted to eat lightly, so I was surprised at this otoshi. From left, karaage, gratin, and boiled squid with soy sauce. I felt full with only this otoshi.

Otoshi (Table charge / お通し) 580 yen

But it went with Japanese sake. They have many Japanese sake produced in Hokkaido, for example, Kunimare (国稀).

Kunimare (国稀)

Of course, they have katsuika (living squid), but they also have shiokara, so, I ordered it. It had crunchy texture. It’s so fresh. And it’s not too salty.

Shiokara (自家特製塩辛) 660 yen

And this is the nebokke sashimi. Nebokke is not one specie of hokke (Atka mackerel). Hokke living at rocks and not move so much is called Nebokke. Rockfish. So, it’s fatty and bigger then normal hokke. This Nebokke restaurant is said to be the first restaurant that serve this nebokke as sashimi. Its fatty and had smooth texture. Good.

Nebokke sashimi (根ぼっけ 刺身) 980 yen

Also deep fried nebokke, sushi and so on looks delicious. I should have been there with empty stomach :p

Also I had it. Soft roe with ponzu. This soft roe was awesome. It’s drinkable :p

Soft roe with ponzu (真鱈たちぽん酢) 990 yen

I thought they are rather expensive, but they are precious restaurant because we can enjoy a variety of nebokke dishes, so it’s worth to visit when we visit Hakodate !


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