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[Sapporo] Sapporo ramen at Ichiryuan (一粒庵)


When I visited Sapporo, I felt like eating Sapporo miso ramen all the same. So, I searched for good miso ramen around Sapporo station on the internet and found this ramen shop named Ichiryuan (一粒庵).

There’re counter seats and tables. When I entered the shop, there were many vacant seats, but when I finished eating, there were many foreign groups in line. Ah, they are featured on Michellin guide.

This is ticket vending machine. Buttons of popular ramen have its picture. If you can’t decide what to eat, see the buttons. ”当店人気No.1”, “当店人気No.2” is their recommendation 😉 I couldn’t decide by myself, too. So I bought the ticket of Genki-no-deru miso ramen (元気のでるみそラーメン) that is their No.1.

This is the Genki-no-deru Miso ramen. “Genki-no-deru” means “feel uplifted”. This miso soup having Koji Miso produced in Hokkaido have rich tastes and is rather sweet. There’s grilled roast por, soybean sprout, mizuna, beaten egg and red chili. Also it have alpine leek. Alpine leek is nutritious like garlic. So, its name is deprived from the alpine leek. But basicallyit don’t have much alpine leek. So, I ordered it with Extra alpine leek.

Genki-no-deru miso ramen (元気のでる味噌ラーメン, 850) with extra alpine leek (行者にんにく増し, 150 yen)

Their noodles are made of flour from Hokkaido. The medium width noodles have springy texture. Many of ingredients are produced in Hokkaido.

Though it’s really tasty, it’s quite differ from normal “Sapporo miso ramen” that we imagine. The toppings are outstanding, too. If you want to have normal one, you’d better eat normal miso ramen (みそラーメン).

by the way, their beer is KOHAKU YEBIS only. They don’t serve Sapporo Classic.


Name Ichiryuan (一粒庵)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Available (Reservation with Tabelog)
Credit card Unavailable
URL Website, Instagram, Twitter

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