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Moved – [Tsukiji Market] Vinegared horse mackerel and scallop fry at Tonkatsu Yachiyo (とんかつ八千代)


Recently I don’t go to Tsukiji for breakfast very much because the number of my going out for dinner is increasing and I can’t get up so early. But I had wanted to eat vinegared horse mackerel and deep fried foods. That day, I expected I can eat ayu karaage at Tonkatsu Yachiyo (とんかつ八千代), so I went to there. I also expected that I can eat ayu karaage or vinegared horse mackerel 🙂

That day, Yachiyo serves “roast pork fillet and two eggs (チャーシューエッグ)” (it is served only Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays) that is so popular among the people, so half of the guests in the eatery ate it 🙂 Foursome said  “Four roast pork fillet and two eggs set !” as soon as foursome came into the eatery. It is really popular !

To my sorrow, ayu was already out of the menus because the Autumn has set in, but there was vinegared horse mackerel in B set on the menus ! So, I ordered B set. B set was served soon.

B set (B定食) 1100 yen

Boiled hijiki with soy sauce and sugar. Hijiki is so good for your health and scalp.

This is vinegared horse mackerel as entree. This horse mackerel was not bad. But I like Choseian’s better. It was well seasoned, but it was no longer fresh. Well, it is hard to pickle the fresh fishes as preserving its freshness. But lots of vinegared horse mackerel was good for my breakfast !

My friend ordered it. Matsutake mushroom and hamo set. I tasted it a bit. Good 🙂 This was the first time to eat matsutake mushroom deeply fried. I was impressed by the tastes of deep fried matsutake.

Matsutake mushroom and hamo set (松茸と鱧定食) 1400 yen

Yachiyo will stop serving haamo when it gets cooler. Hamo and oyster alternate in being served in Yachiyo. Hamo is served during warm season and oyster is served during cold season. At the earliest oyster will serve from October, so if you want to eat hamo, you should go now 😉 Matsutake mushroom’s best season is Autumn, and conger eel’s is Summer. It is nice that we can feel the change of the season by foods.

And I added a deep fried scallop. Expensive compared with set… This small scallop was 500 yen. Big horse mackerel was 500 yen…. I regretted that I should have ordered horse mackerel 😛

Deep fried scallop (帆立フライ) 500 yen

The moment I bit the scallop , I got a severe pain in my teeth 🙁 But this scallop informed me of my back tooth breaking. So I have to appreciate … 🙁 Oh, this scallop never broke my teeth . My back tooth may already broke. I had already feeling that something was wrong with my teeth. But the scallop was so juicy and sweet.


Name Tonkatsu Yachiyo (とんかつ八千代)
Open Morning through noon
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable
URL Instagram

Google Map (Current location in Toyosu Market)


  1. Mitzie Mee says:

    That scallop looks so good! I have tried vinegared horse mackerel, but I didn’t like it. Maybe it’s because I haven’t tried a really good one yet:)

  2. Ryoko says:

    This scallop inside was raw and so sweet 🙂 You should eat it as set absolutely. It is more valuable 😛

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