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[Ginza] One hour only breakfast at Cafe Kimuraya (カフェ木村家)


I heard Kimuraya serve breakfast from 10 – 11 a.m. on weekdays only. So, I visited there. The building of Kimuraya have several floors. 1F have bakery, 2F have cafe and 3F have restaurant. Breakfast is available at Cafe Kimuraya (カフェ木村家) on the 2nd floor.

There’re tables having 2 chairs, 4 chairs and there’s a rectangle table having 6 chairs. They have tranquil atmosphere.

The view out of the window. There’s not many people yet. I felt I spent luxury time…

Speaking of Kimuraya, they are face with Ginza street and they have always many people because they are a origin of anpan. They are signature of Ginza.

This is morning menu. All set have coffee or tea.

I ordered ogura toast set. I chose my drink coffee. At first, coffee was served. It had light tastes, so it’s good for breakfast.

Ogura toast set (小倉トーストセット) 800 yen

This is ogura toast. One baked thin toast, salad, yogurt. And anko (red bean paste) and whipped cream was served separately.

Of course, this anko is their specialty. We can enjoy ogura toast with their signature anko !

I put some by myself…it’s fun ! It’s for taking photo. After that, I put 3 times of this photo and ate 🙂 Heaven. The bread was good after cold, so I enjoyed it slowly. Much anko left even after I put much on the toast, so, I ate anko only and ate it up. It’s like dessert.


Name Cafe Kimuraya (カフェ木村家)
Open Day through evening
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Available
URL Website, Instagram

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