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[Tsukiji] Special Clam Torisoba once in this April at Toritoh bunten (鳥藤 分店)


Though I visited Toritoh (鳥藤) in Tsukiji market several times, this was the first time to visit their branch outside market. Toritoh is wholesaler of chicken. They started their business in 1907. And now they serve chicken foods like oyakodon and chicken curry at two their shops in Tsukiji. One is in Tsukiji market and another is this Toritoh bunten (鳥藤 分店) outside market.
It’s a little hard to visit Bunten because they stand in very crowded area, especially on Saturdays. But I managed to open this door 🙂

What difference between Tsukiji Market branch and Bunten ? The biggest difference is this. Bunten serve Torisoba (chicken broth ramen) once in each month. Originally they serve it 7th of each month. But now, they sometimes serve it on closest Saturday from each 7th. They served it 8th of this month (Saturday).

By the way, ingredients of torisoba is changed each month. This month, they serve torisoba with clam (hamaguri). It cost us 1200 yen. Price is changed depend on ingredients.

This is clam torisoba.

Clam torisoba (はまぐりとりそば) 1200 yen

Spring is the best season for clam. And Hosta montana (Urui) is on it.  Hosta montana’s best season is also Spring. So, it’s Spring special ramen ! This chicken broth had much extracts of clams. So, I felt I’m in the sea.

The degree of the extracts of clams is similar to my delight sio ramen of Tomonomoto. Awesome. I wish Bunten will serve it next April, too 🙂

Though I couldn’t see at first, chicken being cut into pieces were at the bottom of it.

There are their signature seasonings on the tables. Yuzu and shichimi pepper, ichimi pepper. It went with the ramen very well.

I’ll try their torisoba again next month, too !


Name Toritoh bunten (鳥藤 分店)
Open Morning through daytime
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable

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