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[Tokyo] Lunch at Takagaki no Sushi (高柿の鮨) in Suitengu-mae


One of the popular sushi restaurant located in Roppongi who won the single star of Michellin recommended us to visit Takagaki no Sushi (高柿の鮨) located in Suitengumae area for lunch. So, we reserved lunch and visited there.

They are open in 2018. It’s still new. The chef trained at Shimizu that is popular sushi restaurant in Shimbashi and also Takagaki no Sushi was already popular when we visited there.

They have only 6 counter seats in the restaurant. Compared to dinner time, lunch course is very inexpensive, so I heard their lunchtime is fully booked in a month. So, reservation is essential. They said dinner time is still easy to reserve. But I heard it before they won single star of Michellin Tokyo 2020. So, now it must be more difficult to reserve.

This restaurant is very hard to find. Only this simple shop curtain hanging after the opening time show this is a sushi restaurant. So, if you get to there before the opening time, you’ll go through in front of the restaurant. We did, too.

It takes about a few minutes walk from Suitengumae station (subway). Also Nihonbashi Kakigaracho Sugita is close to the restaurant.

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Lunch course have 12 sushi and it cost 7000 yen.

At first, Makogarei (Marbled sole) was served. They use plum vinegar and vinegared rice have strong sourness. And tough. I like it. But my friend who visited there with me didn’t like. It depends on preference. I forgot the picture of gari (ginger), but it was also sour and didn’t have any sweetness.

Makogarei (Marbled sole / マコガレイ)

Sumiika (Golden cuttlefish). It had crunchy texture.

Sumiika (Golden cuttlefish / スミイカ)

Akami (Lean meat of tuna). It was sour a little. But tasty.
Umm, but it had much wasabi.

Akami (Lean meat of tuna / 鮪の赤身)

Chu-toro (fatty parts of tuna). But it wasn’t fatty. Refreshing tastes. It was like lean meat.

Chu-toro (fatty parts of tuna / 中トロ)

Akagai (Ark shell) was as you see, large ! And it had strong flavor of shells. He served some shells to us that day, this was the far the best.

Akagai (Ark shell / 赤貝)

Shima Aji (White trevally). It had springy texture and was good.

Shima Aji (White trevally / シマアジ)

Shako (Mantis shrimp). It had strong sweetness and good.

Shako (Mantis shrimp / シャコ)

Torigai (Cockle). Its texture and sweet flavor of clam was awesome.

Torigai (Cockle / 鳥貝)

Aoyagi (Yellow clam). This wasn’t good. Its texture wasn’t bad, but it had fishy smell a bit.

Aoyagi (Yellow clam / 青柳)

Ni-hamaguri (Boiled clam). It was well cooked and its sauce was sweet.

Ni-hamaguri (Boiled clam / 煮蛤)

Aji (Horse mackerel). It’s vinegared horse mackerel. Though it was good, I like fresh horse mackerel.

Aji (Horse mackerel / 鯵)

Kuruma ebi (Kuruma prawn). It had springy texture. But I think it didn’t have much extracts. I think it’s overcooked. Its appearance is brilliant and beautiful though.

Kuruma ebi (Kuruma prawn / 車海老)

He recommend us sea urchin with extra fee, but we turned down the offer. And we ordered one portion of Kanpyo-maki that was highly recommended by the chef. Certainly, it had kanpyo that didn’t too sweet and it went with strong vinegared rice well.

Kanpyo-maki (かんぴょう巻き)


Name Takagaki no Sushi (高柿の鮨)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Required
Credit card Unavailable

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