Closed – [Ginza] Boba tea at Chatime Ginza

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There’re so many Taiwanese boba tea shops in Tokyo. How many shops survive in the world at the end of 2020 ? A branch of Chatime is open in Ginza in 2017. It have rather long history compared to another boba tea shops.

There’s a menu at the order counter inside the shop, and also they put their menu outside. I always decide what to buy at there and enter. (But sometimes I change my mind in the shop :p). They have two sizes, R (regular) and L (large). Those drinks don’t have any toppings included. Not only tapioca, we can add grass jelly, coconuts milk jelly and azuki (red beans) with extra fee. Chatime is from Taiwan, so, they accept order to adjust the amount of sugar and ice as well as in Taiwan. I always order my sugar 30% and less ice.

Almost all people buy drinks to go, but there’re three tables for stand-up-drinking along the wall.

But the shop is small and sometimes overflow with people who are waiting their drinks.

I think we’d better drink outside the shop. They seal our drinks and put it into plastic bag to go. There’re some parks in Ginza.

Iced Chatime Milk Tea is the most popular in the shop. I added double pearl (=boba, 80 yen). 520 yen in total. I asked the staff about the amount of tapioca and decided. I thought single tapioca is little from her explanation. But single tapioca is better.

Iced Chatime Milk Tea (チャタイムミルクティ / R) 440 yen

She showed the amount of tapioca without drinkings. Tapioca expanded in drinks. Tapioca had springy texture and very tasty. I ate it up soon ! Milk tea had rich tastes and was good, too. I think I’m satisfied with the milk tea without tapioca.

Hot is good in winter. We can order tea and cocoa with hot. Of course, they accept order it with tapioca. It’s hot milk roasted green tea. I ordered it with single tapioca (50 yen).This tea was flavorful. Hot drinks can be chosen from 50℃ and 60℃. Not very hot.

Hot milk roasted green tea (ほうじ茶ミルクティ / R)440 yen

50℃ drinks can be drink with straw. The surface of warm tapioca had sticky texture a bit. I like this texture.


Name Chatime Ginza (Chatime 銀座店)
Open Day through evening
Reservation Unavailable
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URL Website, Twitter, Instagram

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