[Tokyo] Nihonbashi Kakigaracho Sugita (日本橋蛎殻町すぎた) in Suitengumae

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I visited Sugita (日本橋蛎殻町すぎた) after six months absence. Now they’re hard to reserve. I think, “this might be the last time to visit there” every time.

The chef welcomed us with his smile as usual.

They have Chef’s choice (17000 yen + tax) only. At first, they serve several dishes and then serve sushi. At first, hirokko was served. Hirokko is a vegetable cropped between January and April from under snow. It tasted like edible wild plants.

Hirokko ohitashi (ひろっこのおひたし)

This squid had sticky texture and was tasty. I decided to eat this squid as sushi later.

Flatfish (Hirame / ひらめ), Begfin reef squid (Aori-ika / アオリイカ)

The squid is eaten with soy sauce and grated ginger. And flatfish, with soy sauce and wasabi.

Because it was lunchtime, I didn’t feel like drinking alcoholic drinks, but it definitely go with Japanese sake. It was seasoned with shuto.

Grilled whitebait with shuto (白魚の酒盗焼き)

Mackerel roll is my delight dish of Sugita.

Mackerel roll (Saba maki / サバ巻き)

Chawanmushi. It contain conger eel.

Chawanmushi with conger eel (穴子の茶碗蒸し)

Octopus. It have mustard on it. Its meat was soft but the suckers were crunchy.

Boiled octopus (たこのやわらか煮)

Sugita serve grilled fish every time at the end of dishes. That day was butterfish. As its name, it’s fatty fish like butter. It was grilled with Yuan-style. The fish was marinated with Yuan miso in advance and then grilled just before served.

Grilled butterfish with Yuan-style (マナガツオの幽庵焼き)

And then sushi time has started. Sugita always start sushi time with Kohada. (In summer, they serve young kohada named Shinko instead)

Medium-sized gizzard shad (Kohada / 小肌)

This was the finest sushi that day. Red sea bream is served every time as well as medium-sized gizzard shad. So, I enjoy the difference every time.

Red sea bream (Madai / 真鯛)

The Spanish mackerel is grilled with straw lightly. The smell of straw is good.

Spanish mackerel (Sawara / 鰆)

Kasugo is young red sea bream. It’s quite differ from grodn red sea bream.

Young red sea bream (Kasugo / 春小鯛)
Shimaebi shrimp (しまえび)

Cockle is a clam and tastes of early summer. It had crunchy texture.

Cockle (Torigai / 鳥貝)

Splendid alsofino. Its skin was grilled lightly.

Splendid Alfosino (Kinmedai / 金目鯛)

Fatty part of tuna.

Fatty part of tuna (Toro / トロ)

Plenty of sea urchin.

Sea urchin (Uni / うに)

Kuruma prawn is served every time, too. This is my delight. Sugita’s kuruma prawn is so large and it’s hard to eat at one bite.

Kuruma prawn (Kurumaebi / 車海老)

Conger eel. The seasoning can be chosen from salt and ‘tsume’. Tsume is sauce made of soy sauce and suger. It’s sweet, so I don’t like. So, I chose salt. It was seasoned with salt and yuzu peel.

Conger eel (Anago / 穴子)

Tamagoyaki and miso soup. It’s the sign of end of the course.

Miso soup and tamagoyaki

And I added two sushi. Though I intended to eat bigfin reef squid, the chef said to me that they have another two kinds of squid. So, I ordered them. It’s golden cuttlefish. It have crunchy texture.

Golden cuttlefish (Sumi-ika / スミイカ)

Boiled squid. Its eggs are between rice and its meat. Eggs were popping in my mouth.

Boiled squid with its eggs (Komochi-yariika / 子持ちヤリイカ)

I really enjoyed splendid sushi time this time, too. I need to make an best effort to make reservation for next !


Name Nihonbashi Kakigaracho Sugita (日本橋蛎殻町 すぎた)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Required
Credit card Available

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