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[Tokyo] Kototoi Danto (言問団子) in Mukojima


Speaking of dango, three or four sweet rice dumplings that is skewered onto a bamboo stick is common. But there’s an old wagashi shop in Muko-jima (Mukoujima) that make dango without sticks. The shop’s name is Kototoi Dango (言問団子). Kototoi Dango is said to be one of the big three wagashi in Mukojima as well as Chomeiji Sakuramochi Yamamotoya (長命寺桜餅 山本山) and Jiman Kusamochi (志”満ん草餅). Those three shops are MUST to visit in Mukojima.

Kototoi Dango

There’s a description about their dango made by government in front of the shop. They are about 160 years old. They started their business in the end of Edo period.

About Kototoi Dango

If you enter into the shop from the main entrance, showcase welcome you. There’re round-shaped cute dango that have no sticks. For takeaway, 6 dango cost you 1380 yen. Another, they sell chick-shaped monaka, too. It’s cute, too.

We can eat Kototoi Dango and monaka inside the shop, too. It cost you 690 yen having three colors dango and green tea. We can get Kototoi Dango at another shops, but only this head shop have eating space.

We can eat Kototoi Dango at such a historical house 🙂

There’s a raised tatami-floored seating area, too. They have much seats. I visited there in the evening, so there was no people eating at the shop.

The lady said to me “Be seated where as you like.” And I was seated, and after a while she brought me tea and dango from the back of the shop. This is Kototoi Dango (言問団子). They don’t use any additives and keep the tastes since their foundation.

Kototoi Dango (言問団子) 690 yen

Three dango is, azuki (red beans) pastes, miso pastes and white pastes. Miso pastes’s yellow is deprived from gardenia. Those have sticky mochi, so I couldn’t cut them with this pick with easily. Everything wasn’t too sweet and had smooth texture. Delicious.


Name Kototoi Dango (言問団子)
Open Morning – Evening
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