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Closed – [Tokyo] Fruits sandwich at Fruits Cafe FRUTAS (フルーツカフェ フルータス) in Monzen Nakacho

I didn’t like fruits sandwich. So when I ate fruits sandwich at Fruits Cafe FRUTAS for the first time, I was surprised, and I was impressed by the good tastes.

Now that fruits sandwich is one of my favorite food ! And I already visited there several times to eat fruits sandwich. This is the “M” size of fruits sandwich set. This set have smaller sandwich and a cup of drink.

M size of fruits sandwich set (フルーツサンドイッチセット Mサイズ) 1210 yen

Smaller size ? No. It’s enough for one person like me few eater :p Whipped cream, strawberry, mango, banana and so forth is sandwiched.

The cream is not too sweet and it’s firm a bit. So, it catch fruits and breads. I like it.

But I always feel a little regret that I don’t eat fruits parfait in this cafe. Because this cafe’s great cafe attracts much people, of course, me too! But I can’t eat both sandwich and big parfait. I want one more stomach 😛


Name Fruits Cafe FRUTAS (フルーツカフェ フルータス)
Open Daytime
Reservation Available
Credit card Unavailable
URL Twitter

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  1. outforalonglunch says:

    Fruit sandwich is most unusual. I’ve never tried but would love to. I’m sure it’s very delicious!

    • Ryoko says:

      I think fruit sandwich is very good for people who feel ordinary cakes too sweet like me 🙂
      Of course, for sweet tooth 🙂

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