[Tsukiji] Spicy mapo tofu at Tabenbaru (たべんばる)

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I’m searching for some very spicy foods that can be eaten at lunchtime around Tsukiji. I heard a izakana named Tabenbaru (たべんばる) in Tsukiji is open at weekdays’ lunchtime and they serve spicy Sichuan mapo tofu. So, I tried. This is Tabenbaru. Yes, its appearance is normal izakaya. They serve many Chinese foods at dinner time.

I took no notice to the shop until that day. Over 10 years.

This is lunch menu that day. A through 5 is standard. 6 through 8 is changeable. A is… I have no idea. 6 and 7 together ? I imagine it’s a valuable set having 6 (grilled saury) and half of 7 (fried pork and so on) 1 is the mapo tofu. And from two, tantanmen vermicelli, tuna nakaochi bowl, steamed baby sardines bowl, Sichuan-style minced pork bowl, Grilled saury, fried pork, Jew’s ear and eggs, and kakifurai (deep fried oysters)

this is Spicy Sichuan mapo tofu set. Above “1”

Spicy Sichuan mapo tofu set (本格四川麻婆豆腐) 850 yen

This set have rice, salad, miso soup and pickles. The mapo tofu was good. But it wasn’t so spicy as expected. It had much tofu.

It went with rice well. But I want more spicy mapo tofu.

By the way, the staff put iced coffee on my table while eating. In beer mug. It wasn’t on the menu at all. Some shops offer drink or large portion of food with free of charge if we go to there avoiding busy hour. This might be so.


Name Tabenbaru (たべんばる)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Available for dinner time only
Credit card Unavailable
URL Website

Google Map


  1. eatprayjade says:

    that looks super tasty!!

  2. annie says:

    ahh.. this looks really good and i really shouldn’t have seen it at this time of the night.

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