[Tokyo] Yakiniku Yamadaya (焼肉 山田屋) in Mikawashima

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We got off at a calm station that is named “Mikawashima”. Mikawashima station is within a walking distance from Nippori, but contrary to busy Nippori, Mikawashima is quiet. We had dinner at Yakiniku Yamadaya (焼肉 山田屋) , a little far from the station.

They are good at Yakiniku, especially innards of pigs & cows.

At first my friend and I toasted with drink. My drink was ginger highball. It had a large slice of ginger. It’s hard to decide whether I eat this ginger or not. I didn’t eat after all.

Ginger highball (ジンジャーハイボール) 430 yen

Steamed beef tail. It’s very popular among people. It’s a mass of collagen !

Steamed beef tail (牛テール蒸し) 950 yen

Pig’s liver sashimi. We might not be able to eat it before long in Japan. Already serving cow’s liver sashimi is restricted by law and some of people that serve cow’s liver as raw in restaurants were arrested. Not only the owners but also part-time workers. Incredible…
So owners are very nervous. Also Yamadaya didn’t show it on the menu, though pig’s liver sashimi is not restricted yet. I couldn’t know its price. They called it “Pig’s sashimi” and they never used the word, “liver”. It’s so tasty all the same.

pig’s liver sashimi (豚れば刺し)

Steamed fatty pork tongue. I ate much tongues that day. Pig’s tongue was good, too. As you see, so fatty.

Steamed fatty pork tongue (豚タントロ蒸し) 650 yen

After that another friend arrived at the shop. So, I ordered a coke and drunk a toast again. I think coke is the best friend of yakiniku.

Coke (コーラ) 240 yen

We ordered a second helping of steamed beef tail, but it was already sold out. Alas, I wanted to eat more.

Uterus sashimi. Its texture was funny. And it was fresh and tasty. Lots of green onions and ponzu went with the uterus very well.

Uterus sashimi (コブクロ刺し) 670 yen

After that we started to eat yakiniku. Thickly sliced beef tongue.

Thickly sliced beef tongue (厚切り牛タン)

Good smell ….. Though it was thick, it was easy to chew ! And so fatty !

This aged beef was not on the menu. The name was hanged on the wall as special. So I forgot its price. The staff said it is aged for 60 days, so I think it must be expensive. Though it is not good expression, aged-beef is just before rotten. As you see, those didn’t have good color partly. But the more it was chewed, the tastier it became.

Aged beef (熟成肉)

Deluxe sirloin. The menu not says it is aged-beef, but it looked like long aged-beef and tasted great.

Deluxe sirloin (上ロース) 1450 yen

Beef large intestine. That’s mass of fat ! We are thirties and forties, so it’s hard to eat the mass of fats up 🙁 When we were in teenagers, we must have eaten it greedily…

Beef large intestine (テッチャン) 800 yen

Kkakdugi. Much fatty meats made the inside of our mouth sticky, so we ordered a kimchi.

Kkakdugi (カクテキ) 400 yen

Simmered giblets with salt. It don’t have miso, so, It tasted light.

Simmered giblets with salt (牛塩もつ煮込み) 530 yen

And, Yamadaya’s special assorted beef innards. It’s valuable dish ! Some parts of cows’ innards were on the dish randomly.

Yamadaya’s special assorted beef innards (山田屋ホルモンミックス)

Beef spleen sashimi. Beef spleen and reticulum were mixed together. We had to eat soon because the water of the reticulum got out of it sooner.

Beef spleen sashimi (チレ刺し) 670 yen

Gomguk soup. It’s a beef tail soup having much vegetables. We were refreshed 🙂

Gomguk soup (コムタンスープ) 1050 yen

We enjoyed a lot. They serve such a good meats at inexpensive price because of such a location. Though I want to visit there again, I don’t have good means of transportation.


Name Yamadaya (山田屋)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Available
Credit card Unavailable

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  1. renxkyoko says:

    Why is liver being banned in Japan ?

    • Mitzie Mee says:

      I think it’s only raw liver (sashimi)..or?

      • renxkyoko says:

        Well, raw, I ‘d understand…. ugh…. but I love liver… liver pate, liver spread, liver sauce…. In Paris , that was actually what I ordered for dinner ( liver steak ).

      • Ryoko says:

        Yes.Just raw liver.
        We can still eat cooked liver.
        Many people dead because of O157-H7 contained in cows’ raw liver.
        And then the government restricted serving cows’ liver as raw.

        And I agree. Liver paste delicious.
        I like eating it with baguette 😉

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