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[Tsukiji] Seafood dinner at Fujimura (ふじむら)


My friend asked me to join dinner at Fujimura (ふじむら) in Tsukiji. Speaking of Fujimura, they are well-known as good lunch. My friend is a regular customer of there and he visit there frequently by himself. Fujimura occupy underground of the apartment that stand by the off-street near Tsukiji station.

At first, we ordered our drinks. I ordered oolong tea.

Oolong tea (ウーロン茶)

At first, otoshi was served. It’s included in table charge. Baby horse mackerel nanban-duke (marinated in a spicy sauce) , peanuts dressed with miso sauce and eggplant dengaku.

Otoshi (included in table charge)

Dadacha-mame. Dadacha-Mame is a kind of edamame (green soybeans). Its looking, and tastes…It’s as same as normal edamame.

Boiled Dadacha-mame in salt water (だだ茶豆の塩茹で) 450 yen

Mizunasu and shallot. Mizunasu is a kind of eggplant. Normally eggplant can’t be eaten without cooking because of strong alkaline tasting. But Mizunasu can be eaten without cooking. Fresh Mizunasu have much water. Delicious.

Eggpland and shallot (水茄子とエシャレット) 600 yen

Assorted sashimi. Pine tree is on the dish ! Greater amberjack (kanpachi), whelk (tsubugai), sardine, fatty part of tuna and Matsuwa mackerel. All sashimi was cut widely.

Assorted sashimi (刺し盛り) 4800 yen

Matsuwa mackerel is not normal mackerel. It’s precious mackerel caught at Matsuwa Fishing port in Kanagawa. It cost 10 times as much as normal mackerel and fishermen call it “Golden mackerel”. Fujimura lightly grilled it. So fatty. And its skin was delicious !

Fatty Matsuwa mackerel

Jidori chicken karaage. It’s far the best karaage that I had ever eaten ! The meat was so juicy, and its seasoning is good. I heard they serve karaage at lunchtime, so I want to visit there for it later.

Jidori chicken karaage (地鶏の唐揚げ) 840 yen

Though it isn’t on the menu, my friend who is a regular customer of there ordered it and Fujimura accepted the order. Wiener fry. It’s his delight and he said he always order it. Wiener fry is deep fried sausage.

Wiener fry (ウインナーフライ) not on the menu

Deep fried minced shrimps ball. It’s called “Shinjo-age (しんじょう揚げ) in Japanese. The flavor of shrimp was awesome. It was soft like Soufflé.

Deep fried minced shrimp ball (えびしんじょう揚げ) 650 yen

Grilled Jidori chicken with sansho pepper. We were impressed by the karaage, so we ordered another Jidori chicken dish. Juicy chicken go with pungent sansho pepper with well.

Grilled Jidori chicken with sansho pepper (地鶏のさんしょう焼き) 840 yen

Simmered pork with soy sauce. The pork was so soft and it can be cut with chopsticks with easily. And daikon radish and boiled egg was good, too. Those were seasoned stronger, so sprouts and green onion added refreshing tastes. And mustard was good, too.

Simmered pork with soy sauce (豚の角煮) 950 yen

Last, Inaniwa Udon. Inaniwa udon is dried udon produced in Akita prefecture.

Inaniwa Udon (稲庭うどん) 840 yen

It had springy texture. Though I ate much today, I ate it up.

The noodle had springy texture !

Assorted pickles. Takuan, radish, onion, eggplant and cucumber. Colorful.

Pickles (おしんこ) 530 yen

Though I didn’t intend to drink alcoholic drinks, the manager recommended this Japanese sake, so I tried. It’s Kuroobi (黒帯). Its name had ‘mizore zake’. As its name, it’s frozen Japanese sake ! But it wasn’t frozen in the bottle, and somehow, once it was poured into the glass, it got frozen. Why…! The taste was sweeter. It’s like juice.

Japanese sake – Kuroobi (黒帯) 650 yen

Dessert. This is sardine sashimi from Osaka bay. Now is the best season of sardine. It’s so fatty.

Sardines sashimi from Osaka bay


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