[Ginza] Kakifurai at Sanshuya (三州屋 銀座店)

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I went to Ginza to having deep fried oysters. Though there are some branches of Sanshuya (三州屋) in Tokyo, Ginza branch have the highest reputation about deep fried oysters.
They have started their business in 1968. Their appearance and interior have their long history. When I visited there past 11 a.m. because I heard it’s their opening time, but they weren’t open yet. And I went back to there around 11:20, they were open and half of seats were occupied.

Built in 1968.

Ginza branch is hard to find just a bit because they stand at the back of main street. You might pass through in front of the house.

Their location itself is not bad. There’s MUJI shop close to the restaurant. But as you said, they aren’t face with the street. But don’t worry. They put such a signboard on the street.

Also over our heads.

There’s the 1F and 2F in the house. There’s L-shaped counter table and many square tables. Menus are on the wall. Also they have whiteboard menu. Because it was on Saturday, many people had alcoholic drinks.

As soon as I ordered deep fried oysters set, pickles were served. Turnip. It was pickled strongly. It’s good with rice.


I thought my foods would take much time to be served, but everything was served soon. Deep fried oysters, rice, miso soup. Miso soup have red miso.

Deep fried oysters set (カキフライ定食) 1350 yen

Those were the smallest deep fried oysters that I had on this season, so I was disappointed at first. But those had abundant extract of oysters and were really tasty. I wanted to eat them more. Shredded cabbage and salads were good, too. Deep fried oysters were eaten with mustard, Worcester sauce, soy sauce. They don’t have tartar sauce.

Deep fried oysters (Kakifurai)

I don’t eat deep fried oysters with soy sauce, but those were went with soy sauce well.
By the way Deep fried oysters without rice, miso soup and pickles is 1100 yen. Another they have two oysters dishes. Baked oysters with salt (かき塩焼き, 650 yen) and warm tofu and oysters (かき豆腐, 600 yen).
Those sounds tasty, too.


Name Sansyuya Ginza (三州屋 銀座本店)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Available for dinner time only
Credit card Unavailable

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