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[Ito onsen] Sweet House Wakaba (スイートハウスわかば) in Shizuoka

SHIZUOKA (Atami, Atagawa)

It was past 7 p.m. after dinner at Ito Onsen. I felt like having something sweet things. So, I went to Sweet House Wakaba (スイートハウスわかば). They are open until 10 p.m. So, we can have dessert until late night. They were born in 1948. They are proud of their sweet soft serve.

Their interior is like Family restaurant. They have tables having four seats only. The ceiling is high. I felt comfortable.

There’s a kitchen at the back of the room.

Menu. Everything is sweet things. Sundae (mini parfait), parfait, A la mode, yoghurt, crepe, mitsumame, soft serve, pancake, jelly and pudding.

And another. Drinks (alcoholic drinks, too), sandwich, breads. They offer your drink 350 yen if you order foods or sweets (until 8 p.m.). Second helping of drink is 350 yen all. Cream soda is included. Wow.

And this is the limited one. Strawberry and cherry blossoms that time.

I decided to eat it before going to Ito onsen. Soft pudding. With coffee. Even if you don’t want to have your coffee with milk, you’d better have milk because this milk is their special. It had so rich texture. I put everything into the coffee.

Soft pudding (ソフトプリン, 650 yen) with coffee (コーヒー, 350 yen)

The dish is divided into two sections. Left is soft serve and right is pudding. So, it’s named soft pudding. The pudding had abundant flavor of milk and egg. It’s sweet. But not too sweet. The flavor of caramel sauce was good, too. Also it had some fruits like cherry, mikan. I thought it’s A la mode (アラモード, 980 yen). But their A la mode is gorgeous having pudding, ice cream, fruits, soft serve with cone.

Of course, this soft serve is enough. But we have to be careful. It’s additive free. So, it’s easy to melt. I just took photo so quickly, but its surface was already melted like this. I started to eat from its surface. It’s sweet but I never got tired as well as pudding. It had natural sweetness of milk.

It became liquid milk at last. But it’s like milk shake and was good, too.


Name Sweet House Wakaba (スイートハウスわかば)
Open Day through night
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