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[Ito Onsen] Fukufukutei (支那そば 福々亭)

SHIZUOKA (Atami, Atagawa)

When I stayed in Ito Onen district, I had dinner at Fukufukutei (支那そば 福々亭) close to Ito station. I heard there’s a long line on weekends’ lunchtime and actually I saw there were many people waiting in front of the shop on Saturday. There’re about 10 counter seats. They became a goodwill partner of Shinasobaya in Tozuka.

They don’t have ticket vending machine. So we order after seated and pay before get out of the shop. They have two types of soup. Soy sauce and salt. Marutoku ramen is a special one having full of toppings.

Bottled beer (ビール, 500 yen), Cold Japanese sake (冷酒, 350 yen) is Kiku Masamune. They have two peppers. Black pepper is for soy sauce, and colorful

Bottled beer (ビール, 500 yen), Cold Japanese sake (冷酒, 350 yen)

I ordered shoyu wonton noodles. Soy sauce soup. This brown soup had plenty of extract of chicken broth. It have 4 wontons, 1 slice of roast pork, laver, green onion and menma. It’s traditional shoyu ramen and it’s simple. Delicious. Mild fish broth added flavor and was good. Those wonton was springy. Good.

Shoyu wonton noodles (醤油ワンタンメン) 950 yen

Narrow and straight noodles is made by the chef in the shop. I think this is the best noodles for the soup. When I brought up the noodles, the flavor of the soup attacked to my face. Heaven. It have much noodles, but I enjoyed to eat until last. I want to eat it again when I visit nearby.


Name Fukufukutei (支那そば 福々亭)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Unavailable
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