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[Niigata] Sado’s seafood at Negibouzu (葱ぼうず)


I had solo dinnerat Negibouzu (葱ぼうず) close to JR Niigata station to have delicious seafood of Niigata prefecture. They are in Yonekura (よね蔵) group expanding in Niigata mainly. My friend recommended this restaurant.I have reservation just before leaving forthe restaurant after I had something to do at 8 p.m. Fortunately they accept my reservation.

When I got to there after 9 p.m., there were many peple waiting. Everyone reserved. They are so popular restaurant.They are large restaurant having about 150 seats. They have upstairs, too. I was seated on the counter seats in front of the kitchen on the 1st floor. I felt I’m in cozy sushi restaurant.

Though they have much tables, they are so popular and there’re not many restaurants around Niigata station. So, you’d better reserve in advance. If they can’t take your reservation, don’t worry. They have another restaurant named “Ikano sumi (いかの墨)” and “Ebi no hige (えびの髭)” close to the station.

This is the menu. The menu has changed day by day. They serve seafood mainly. And another, they have regular menu, too.

When I got lose to my seat, there was already someone there. Grilling hotpot. I didn’t intend to grill something. So, I didn’t want it stay on my table. But it need. Their otoshi is grilled seafood. We can choose one from a variety of seafood on the tray that the staff bring. Otoshi fee is 550 yen. It’s also table charge.

Basically, staff do everything about grilling. But, I think they are busy and the staff missed the timing.

My scallop was overcooked. Umm. I should I picked my scallop from the hotpot by myself. And also it’s better not choose shells because shells are easy to firm. But the scallop itself was good.

Well. Speaking of Niigata, blackthroat seaperch is MUST. It’s called Nodoguro in Japanese. Though it’s expensive fish, I ordered all the same. Beautiful. Three sliced each. Umm. Few… But delicious. Needless to say the nodoguro was awesome, the sea bass was good, too.

Assorted blackthroat seaperch and sea bass (赤むつと黒むつの盛り合わせ) 1890 yen

Shiokara is my delight. Shiokara is raw squids marinated in squids innards and salt. Mostly shiokara is salty to preserve. But it wasn’t salty.

Squid’s shiokara (いかの無添加塩辛) 690 yen

I ordered Japanese sake before it was served. Of course, it went with Japanese sake !

Of course, those were caught around Sado. Its coating was crisp. And the soft roe inside was like cream.

Soft roe of globe fish (河豚白子の天婦羅) 980 yen

Though I was full, I wanted to eat something. I had to say goodbye to fresh seafood of Sado. So, I ate sushi.

Tuna, squid, sea urchin,yellowtail, black rockfish (mebaru in Japanese). Everything was so fresh and delicious. Also soup was served with them. I was satisfied with their dishes. Sado’s seafood is awesome.That’s worth to visit Niigata only for eating fresh seafood 🙂

5 pieces of sushi Matsu (鮨5貫 松) 1100 yen


Name Negibouzu (葱ぼうず)
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