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[Niigata] “Bus center no curry” at Bandai soba (万代そば)


Speaking of local food of Niigata prefecture, “Bus center no curry” occur almost all people at first. Of course, I visited there ! This curry can be eaten at Bandai Bus Center building. So, it’s called Bus center no curry (= Bus center’s curry). Strictly speaking, this curry is served by Bandai Soba (万代そば) on the 1st floor of Bandai Bus Center. They are stand-up-eating soba shop. It was weekday’s lunchtime, still they had such a long line. When I visited there to eat on Saturday, there were about 100 people waiting in line.

But they serve curry very quickly. If you order just curry, they serve your curry in 10 seconds. So, I could get tickets 20 minutes or so after following the line.

Ticket vending machine.

Of course, I ordered curry. Mini curry and rice. It have word “mini” and it looks smaller compared with normal size, but it’s enough. Truthfully speaking, it’s far from my tastes. First of all, I don’t like such a yellow curry. Why I tried ? Because it’s local foods of Niigata.

Mini curry and rice (ミニカレーライス) 420 yen

It had thick texture because of flour. And it’s not spicy at all, so children can eat it with easily. The ingredients was large sliced onion and pork. It’s like school meal in Showa period. I put soy sauce as usual, but I think it go with Worcester sauce. I don’t like this curry itself. I think it go with soba and udon better than rice. I want to try it with soba next time.


Name Bandai soba (万代そば)
Open Morning through night
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable

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