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[Tokyo] Niboshikoh (にぼし香) in Suitengumae


Hechikan (丿貫) is one of my delight ramen shop. But they are in Yokohama very far from my home. But finally their related shop was open in Tokyo ! When I saw their ramen for the first time on SNS, soon I realized they are related shop of Hechikan ! The shop’s name is Niboshikoh (にぼし香) located in front of Suitengumae station.

They are open lunch and dinner time. But the way of payment is differ. At lunchtime, there’s a ticket vending machine, but at dinner time, we can use electric money like SUICA, credit card and paypay only. No cash.

The manager of Niboshikoh worked in Hechikan. He follow Hechikan a lot in its tastes and system. Hechikan is open as izakaya at dinner time serving Japanese sake. So, Niboshiko recommend Japanese sake and some foods and then finish our meal with ramen. Of course, eating ramen only at dinner time is OK, too. So, they don’t use ticket vending machine at dinner time. They serve simple ramen (かけ) without meat with -100 yen instead. They post about their menu of the day every day on X.

Though I didn’t intend to have alcoholic drinks, I felt like having some all the same. So, I ordered Sapporo beer and quail eggs. They don’t prepare boiled quail eggs for additional topping of ramen at dinner time. They prepare it instead. This was seasoned with wasabi and so on. It’s suitable for beer and Japanese sake. It had 5 eggs, so, I left 2 for ramen 🙂

Sapporo Black label beer (サッポロ黒ラベル, 550 yen) and quail eggs (おつまみうずら, 300 yen)

That day’s special ramen was rich oyster ramen. It had strong color. This soup had much extract of oysters and niboshi. But it’s not thick. The noodle was narrow. I like it’. It also had much onions. And roast pork. It had good balance.

Rich oyster ramen (濃厚牡蠣蕎麦) 1200 yen

Though there are some ramen shop from Hechikan, Niboshikoh have direct line. I’m really glad that we can have it in Tokyo and we don’t have to far Yokohama 🙂


Name Niboshikoh (にぼし香)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Available
URL Website, X (Twitter), Instagram

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